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If Internet Commenters Had Another Magazine

A while back, we created our own Internet Commenter Magazine.  We’ve been talking a lot about internet commenters again, and we felt like it was time for a second edition of Internet Commenter Magazine, as a shout out to our loyal and always entertaining HT commenters.

36 Responses to "If Internet Commenters Had Another Magazine"

  1. bekahhh374 says:

    yeah but deffinately no space. anywho um i find it peculiar that you are calling someone retarded wile also using letters instead of complete words, putting z’s on the end of words instead of s’s and , and miss-spelling honor. so if anyone is the dumbshit douche its you. so go take a midol and jerk off on your mom okay.

  2. Decisions says:

    Holy Taco can either -

    (a) – swallow their tongue
    (b) – decide to troll their own website
    (c) – disable Captcha & enforce fixed usernames, in turn losing 90% of freestyle comments
    (d) – Fuck their mothers without a condom and see what breeds.

    It’s a tough one

  3. Holy Taco says:

    Someone has Stolen our website, hacked our server and posted this. Sorry Guys.

    We would never post something with an agenda disguised as comical.

    - The HT crew that really thinks you should FAP over your mum

  4. philosophize says:


  5. Word Generator 2.045 says:

    We come from the Internets

  6. the new guy who hates the philosopher says:

    Dear Philosopher,
    im writing you becuz i realise dat u r a retard, though this is unfortunate i am here to help. I am extremely sry to inform you dat being Acknowledged by HT for gettin PWND everyday is as much of an honour as recieving a jail sentence, yea u think it makes u look cool but in reality ur just getting fucked but do not wry becuz nobody cares when retards do stupid shit. i guess i can understand the misunderstanding cuz if i spent my day arguing on a humour site id probably be retarded too. i guess in essence what i’m trying to say is only a total dumbshit douche would feel good dat a group of guys who put stupid shit on the internet decided to mention him in one of their humour pieces. glad i could help u clear dat up.

    p.s. i still hate u so go fuck urself u stupid shitfuck

  7. rachel says:

    haha, i thought this was brilliant

  8. philosobitch says:

    lick my dry hairy vagina philosopher.

  9. Rob Grave says:

    she’s probably gay

  10. Lesley Manbian says:

    Nice to see we have a lesbian with us.

  11. philosopher e says:

    Watch your grammar… I believe “shit-fuck” is hyphenated.

  12. Jewish guy says:

    lol, you fucking idiots seriously need a life, always talking about philosopher

    and by the way, JEWS RULE

  13. Claynoidial says:

    That kid already has a pimple. fuckin fag.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Not necessarily. “Shitfuck” is an acceptable variant.

  15. S.A.S says:

    Lesbians are gay.

  16. Phillospher says:

    Internet commenters suck!

  17. Phissofferhaemeroidopher says:

    damn right

  18. philososucks son says:

    dad… why is your mom also my mom

  19. Pissopher says:

    If leaving shit stains everywhere you go is a way of being remembered, yes you remain eternal.

  20. Fuck says:

    your shit aint shit, philosophers. we had a much better time with the pauls.

  21. Philanderer says:

    Is the cake here yet?

  22. philosophag says:


  23. Philospher's Special Uncle says:

    want a fucking gold star for that? Now STFU and sit on my lap..

  24. Philosophuckgaydudes says:

    I can’t get enough of this cock in my mouth

  25. philosopher says:

    well what do you know, my war is being remembered in a way, after all. to think that they mentioned me in one of their posts… its eerie

  26. philosopher. says:

    Haha, very clever. You added the word fag to my name.
    Do you rite youre own material?

  27. philosopher. says:

    I’m the real.
    You know I’m the real.

  28. Philosofag says:

    …..The real fag?….Cus we already knew that.

    I am the real Philosofag.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, if you turn to that story, it says “KILL YOUR WHINY LITTLE BITCH-ASS SELF” in big bold letters.

  30. Andy says:

    Hahahaha, before I read all the subtitles on the front page I wondered “damn this is like exactly the kind of magazine that that philosopher guy would be featured in” I love you holy taco, you read my mind haha

  31. Ontopoyamamma says:

    ohhh biting the hand that feeds…I respect that. Good job taco.

  32. philosodick says:

    I am jerking my mom off right now

  33. Phil says:

    Is that boy wearing lipstick?

  34. Holly Taco says:

    kinda weak.

  35. I WAS THAT DOG says:

    Meta? In my Taco?

  36. Truecask.com says:

    First? Fag? Fake? FUCK!

    Pretty good…