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If Michael Vick Had a Comic

 We create comics pretty frequently here at Holy Taco, but we recently realized that we hadn’t done one in quite a while, so we decided to dust off our comic book chops (google image search and photoshop) in honor of our favorite NFL Star turned Dog-Torturer turned NFL Star Again, Michael Vick, on his adventure-filled first day as a Philadelphia Eagle.

17 Responses to "If Michael Vick Had a Comic"

  1. baldish says:

    yea and his fucking ass is out for the season, serves his ass right, and fuck vick

  2. RidinMahLollerskates says:

    The white dude in the last few panels is Jared Allen who plays for the Vikings. Come on HT, at least get your teams right.

  3. sigh says:

    vick is playing for the eagles like it or not!!!! fuck the guy went to prison and now is working the the humane society for fucks sake and people still bitch!!!! what about the Donte stallworth who was drunk driving and killed a guy???/ oh thats right dgos are more important, i forgot.

  4. philosopher says:

    never heard of Michael Vick either. you guys should really pick more familiar names.

  5. Thrill says:

    F_ck a Dog! All animals for that matter. If they aint food, i don’t care about it. People have acers of land fenced off with wild bores and deer on it. They set feed out so they can get good and fat. Have babys, make other little deer and hogs,then one day they huntem! For what, sport! For fun! I personaly know 27 people who have been caught fighting or raising dog to fight, and no one has ever gotten more than a day in the county jail with a $1000 or more fine! Three of them still hold good jobs and unit operators in two chemical plants. It’s not about black or white it’s about his image power. You sent him to prison to change, he changed. Let it go! Mike Vick! THATS MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Durante says:

    Getting totally bomb at a bar then driving home seems premeditated to me…

  7. serutan says:

    vick should get the same treatment with a stick each time the eagles lose a game. lol. that would make me feel better about him playing pro football.

  8. Pete says:

    Most of the killings that NFL’ers are involved in are accidental. They made fucking horrible decisions, but most are accidental. And they still deserve to be booted from the NFL. But Vick was running a fucking dog fighting ring and raping dogs with sticks to teach them lessons for losing fights. It was premeditated. So fuck that guy.

  9. Durante says:

    Beinf from Philly I welcome him with open arms..

  10. Anonymoosex says:

    Settle down kids. He’s playing. He’s in Philly. That’s a gangsta town, he’ll get himself in trouble fast. Either way he can’t live up to Donovan’s accomplishments, can’t handle blitzes (and he’s gonna get his ass blitzed in the NFC East) and panics… he’ll eventually get the starting spot, FAIL, and that will be the end of his career.

    Maybe he’ll get a night manager gig at PetCo.

  11. Anonamoose says:

    Don’t you people watch Animal Planet? People get caught for animal cruelty everyday. If Vick were one of those people on Animal Cops, nobody would care…except the Animal Cops. But, of course, everyone loves some good ole media dickin.

  12. BamMan says:

    Michael Vick is a piece of shit. Apparently the reason he had a dog fighting ring was because he has erectile disfunction so dog-fighting made him feel better about himself.

  13. boop de doop says:

    Thumbs down. I think Vick is a criminal that got off easy, but that really wasn’t funny at all.

  14. clubf00t says:

    fuck Vick hes a piece of shit, and who the fuck runs dog fights anymore. is Phoenix really that shitty like 3rd world country shitty, and the only thing 2 do with ur spare time is to kill and organize dog fights. i say cut his balls off

  15. Anonamoose says:

    Anyone who thinks Vick shouldn’t play is a hater.

  16. Vick's Veterinarian says:

    Veteran’s Stadium….. Tear.

  17. pratik says:

    I like how everyone is making a big deal about Vick being allowed to play in the NFL after killing dogs, while some NFL players have been on trial for murder, drugs, domestic/child abuse, etc.

    I guess that one guy in Planet of the Apes was right:
    “Man might kill his brother, but he could not kill his dog!”