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If Money Was Designed Today

When U.S. currency was created a long time ago, the designs for American bills featured the biggest celebrities of the time.  Back then, these celebrities were presidents, war heroes, and any one else who was featured prominently in the newspapers.  But times have changed, and so has the definition of "celebrity".  With that in mind, here’s what we think our currency would look like if it were designed today:


32 Responses to "If Money Was Designed Today"

  1. Mr. Bitter says:

    Steve Jobs should go die.

  2. Alan says:

    Once you start a good smart-assed answer it is hard to stop.

    8o) I enjoyed that one.

    Thanks for the correct answer tho…

  3. Jearewfdsa says:

    Fuck that kid raping asshole, its about time that queer died.

  4. Alan says:

    Who is that on the $10?

  5. El Moose says:

    George Nilla, he was born in 1956 to an Irish father and Spanish mother. He was born in the suburbs of Boston, and grew up in a troubled environment. However, at an early age, he discovered his curiosity and passion for small cookie shaped pieces of taffy, which he later turned into crackers named nilla wafers.

  6. Mr. Squishypants says:

    It’s Steve Jobs. Wow, Moose, that really sucked hard.

  7. dildozer says:

    if someone tells a chuck norris joke its a good indicator to me we probably wont be friends

  8. the captain says:

    no, i don’t think so.

  9. the captain says:

    chuck norris doesn’t take showers, just blood baths.

  10. dildozer says:

    dude, can you rattle off some family guy classics?

  11. UnKnown says:

    What about Michael Jackson?

  12. jtat says:

    I thought jenna jameson would be on the dime.

  13. dangitbobby says:

    you stuff dimes in strippers’ g-strings?

  14. Kyle says:

    lame…why would hasslefag be on any denomination? I think chuck norris should be on all of them.

  15. dangitbobby says:

    lol, yeah, makin’ it rain with dimes would probably get you thrown out

  16. TheGreenBlurr says:

    somethin in your ass?

  17. Turin says:

    Half a peanut I found at FilthyRichmond.com

  18. Julius says:

    Haha the naked Hasselhoff fifty!

  19. Bob says:

    Don’t forget the Morgan Freeman penny!

  20. Eric says:

    Wow, the Hoff does not deserve to be on currency. That’s very disappointing.

  21. Exile says:

    Adolf Obama is on Kenyan currency.

  22. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    On your on the wooden butt plug.

  23. stylist says:


  24. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    Who do we put on the two dollar bill?
    Perez Hilton?

  25. Julius says:

    Haha totally !!

  26. Daniel says:

    Hoff should be on the Deutsche Mark

  27. po po says:

    you mean on the duche mark

  28. aidsissweet says:

    No he meant the Douche mark

  29. pratik says:

    Put Paris Hilton on the penny. It’ll make people hate pennies even more.

  30. Jack Of All Trades says:

    not as funny as I thought it would be

  31. Shut up says:

    everyone knows you changed your name, philosopher. you still fucking suck. eat a dick and die.