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If Movie Posters Were Honest

We here at The Taco hate when people lie to us.  So, we like to show you what t.v. shows and ads are really saying.  But more than anything, we wish movies posters would be honest with us, so that we know what we’re getting before we fork over 11 bucks.


686 Responses to "If Movie Posters Were Honest"

  1. biker dude says:

    Rambo’s 3rd act was awesome. I got a stitch of reading this page. :-) loved it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don´t know. A real movie, maybe?

  3. xiagu9 says:

    oh, yah, about wall-e… care to point me the way to score some e? i took my last 2 at the LOUD NOISES movie, now, that’s ENTERTAINMENT!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You got Megan Fox.

    What more can you ask from an 80s franchise movie?

  5. Anonymous says:

    regarless of you liking or disliking the second one, indiana jones, it is one of the truest of the list.

  6. Fred West says:

    There’s someone playing cricket in my garden???
    Don’t go near the decking.

  7. Baked Potato says:

    What about Snakes on a Plane? That poster should just have a picture of Samuel L Jackson and they should call it Snakes on a….oh wait, nevermind.

  8. lokel says:

    it’s the only way to watch loud noises! but wall-e made me cry real tears :(

  9. A cow says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Haha, see? you’re going to see that movie because Bill Murray is in it

  11. Cat down the street says:


  12. themarsbar says:

    A RAcist old man that learns to love… lol i loved that movie but i learned so many words to call an asian person in that movie. But you should add a a kick assracist oldman with a terrible family who learns to love and stiffs his bitchy selfish ass granddaughter out of a car … then anyone will want to see it

  13. Anonymous says:

    A movie that didn’t suck. Poster says it all.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ha. Burned!

  15. iHateToLogInForTheRightToVoiceMyOpinion says:

    Sorry, forgot to say thanks for the list holytaco.com, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Even loled once.

  16. so true says:

    I did see it because Bill Murry was in it

  17. Anonymous says:

    Could Kim Catrall’s head be any more shrunk in photoshop? Hint: The answer is no.

  18. the pole says:

    I have seen enough!!!

  19. ryu says:


  20. Danny says:

    That was the joke dumbass

  21. iHateToLogInForTheRightToVoiceMyOpinion says:

    You were entertained by Transformers? Two hours of explosions and chauvinism? Are you simple or something? Would you look at fireworks for two hours?

    It doesn’t have to be Kieslowski to be entertaining, but it really does need to be more than just shiny things.

    I enjoy a good Lucas/Bay/Cameron film as much as anybody, but I enjoyed them more when they used to be ACTUAL STORIES, not just graphics.

    But I guess society really has come to a stop. I blame you darn kids.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Really? You actually expected that from an adaptation of a cartoon that was just made to sell toys?

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    (…and it’s pretty good. If you liked Rushmore or the Royal Tennenbaums, you’ll probably dig this one.)

  24. Mr. B says:

    Well, Max Payne IS aptly named.

  25. Your Garden says:

    Cricket sounds…

  26. Anonymous says:

    See the comment RE: Predator.

    Predator is a good action movie. The plot is simple, exciting and has dialogue to match.

    Transformers is like letting someone carve my eyeballs out.

    Maybe Megan Fox was hot in it… I have no clue as I couldn’t see through all the blood.

  27. Einstein says:

    You sir, are a genius.

  28. Anonymous says:

    And you would have thought they would have taken the time to airbrush some eyebrows onto the ginger one…she looks like an anaemic newt!

  29. HotDiggityDugs says:

    Family Guy said it best (about Sex and the City)

    the titles should have been:

    3 hookers and their Grandma

  30. cunt fest says:

    how does it feel being a fucking idiot who likes shit ADHD movies?

  31. I can't figure out what I'm doing here says:

    WOW so true although I am a white 23 yr old woman I have no clue what the fuck “2 Hours of Whiny White Women” is about except that it gives one a headache about less than 30 secs of watching and probably is clinically damaging to the brain. Now “RAMBO” was fucking awesome. For the person who says which one ALL FUCKING 4 OF THEM okay. Who could ask for more than the epic tale of shit getting blown up, people getting throats ripped out, and the unmistakable way that only John Rambo can land a helicopter that is going down no matter what the damage.

  32. Anonymous says:

    the WallE one is about using ecstasy to make the movie look so much more awesome

  33. Anonymous says:

    Very vague “ecstasy” reference.

  34. dog lover says:

    that pole will make my dogs day

  35. xiagu9 says:

    clint eastwood’s movies are mostly like that- cranky hemorrhoidal asshole who turns mushy. anyway, i still like to watch his pictures.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You went to Transformers for plot and decent dialogue? How about going to just be entertained?

    Some movies are for plot and decent dialogue, George Lucas and Michael Bay films are not them….

  37. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know… a plot? Some decent dialogue?

  38. Laptop Skins says:

    An hour and a half of looking at trees, then the credits roll…

    Yup, that’s about it!

    No Max Payne?

  39. Confused giraffe says:


  40. Pratik says:

    What about “Speed Racer”, but the poster actually says “This will give blind people epileptic seizures.”

  41. Anonymous says:

    Should add Alien vs. Predator and its sequel. Stupid movies.

  42. Anonymous says:

    It was actually “3 prostitutes and their mom” but yes very funny.

  43. Skinny Ass Uncle married to Fat Ass Aunt says:

    Oh god! Not again.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get the WallE one…

  45. douggie says:

    Hahaha, I thought the same exact thing… :) FTW.

  46. Dan says:

    They should have had it, but just left un-altered

  47. ANOTHER COW says:


  48. Steve O'Rourke says:

    You should have inserted the word “Overprivileged” somewhere into the Sex and the City poster.

  49. ANOTHER COW says:

    did you know megan fox is a tranny?

  50. Foot Fetish Window Voyeur says:

    Foot my A$$!

  51. rkms says:

    Nice compilation. What is the real name of the Bill Murray movie ? I am seeing it for the first time. All the rest I recognized.

    Linux and Friends

  52. Anonymous says:

    I disagree… Transformers was an excellent movie =). Hot chicks and sick cars that turn into kick-ass robots, what more could you ask for

  53. Anonymous says:

    All of them are good except the second one.

  54. yaris says:

    You have to say the title like brick from ron burgandy LOUD NOISES!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    fuck oooooff life aquatic was awesome thanks to all involved, not just bill murray. i saw it because wes anderson is brilliant.

  56. Anonymous says:

    its been like 12 hours. So i figure I will say it. UR A GAY BITCH!

  57. urstupid says:

    Dear Carmel Clit,
    you’re an idiot

    the end

  58. Marcuss says:

    who cares if they were photoshopped you dimwits. it funny! that’s all that matters.

  59. Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter…It’s a character clint eastwood plays who is a rascist old man not clint eastwood…what a dumbshit like clint eastwood would care he has more money than most people commenting here will ever make

  60. nobody... says:

    I think the joke was in his name….

  61. Anonymous says:

    so like obviously they are photoshopped. like omg wtf. like do you think people would actually use these posters to get you to go watch the movie? like seriously? you should go ask your bff Jill.

  62. Anonymous says:

    wow, i have never heard that one before……..

  63. Miss Green says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    Could somebody please explain the life aquatic poster? I don’t get it. If people are telling others that they are stupid because they don’t get it, I’d like to know what they found so funny.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree.
    I thought the movie was just a bit ridiculous….and I expected more from an Indiana Jones movie

  66. Anonymous says:

    He is an idiot? Since when can you pass or fail an IQ test?

  67. Anonymous says:

    yo this was fuckin funny hahahahhahahahah you people suck

  68. Anonymous says:

    jee i did not realise that these pictures were photoshopped untill i read the comments informing me is this blatent fact ………. NOT. the sex in the city got me most, but i dont understand the bill murray one, maybe because im english or cos im 16, but it made me chuckle and i dont really care:P

  69. Anonymous XVII says:

    I am responsible for all the stupidity, dishonesty and bad behavior in the world. Blame me and leave all these other nice people alone.

  70. Anonymous says:

    So hey are these like; photoshopped or something?

  71. Carmel Clyde says:

    Mr. Eastwood is a neighbor… I dropped a copy of your poster off in his mailbox with a note and your address.

  72. Anonymous says:

    People reeeeeeally need to lighten up. It’s all a joke. No one ever pretended these were real posters. That’s funny. Silly stupid people and their need to stand up for their stupidity

  73. Anonymous says:


  74. VampiraVali says:

    I guess ever ones outlook on honesty is different.

  75. Some of these put a smile on my face but the wall-e one is just dumb. Motion to have it stricken from the record.

  76. Anonymous says:

    it’s pretty sad how true the indiana jones one is.

  77. IHateIgnorance says:

    Actually I saw Life Aquatic because of its ingenious director and because, if you didn’t read the rest of the credits, Cate Blanchett and Owen Wilson and Willem Dafoe are in it. Yeah, Bill Murray is in it and he is fantastic. This movie is unbelievable but I guess some people just don’t understand the humor.

  78. Anonymous says:

    meh, this was pretty funny.
    not all of them are true though

    still. i laughed

  79. Barry Norman says:

    All of these movies are shit.

  80. Mordant says:

    I find it disturbing that the online community has deteriorated to such an extreme degree that not only was your comment, which is fundamentally flawed, allowed to be posted, so was the comment preceding it which made little sense and had absolutely no relevance to the topic of this comment board.

    And since you surely are too impaired to realize that 7:41 PM is only roughly 9 hours after the time that the original message was posted I figured I’d make you feel a little dumber and hopefully a little more humble by informing you of that blatant error.

    Now until you and the author of the comment preceding your own can mature enough and become intelligent enough to pass an IQ test, which I think should be required to gain access to the internet in the first place, I strongly believe that you should refrain from publishing anything, including comments, on the internet for public viewing. The realist in me sees the fundamental flaw in this suggestion however, as one who isn’t intelligent enough to do simple arithmetic OR realize the obvious futility and stupidity involved in posting a comment such as your own will surely lack the judgement to refrain from continuing to demonstrate his own idiocy to the world.

    Oh, and have a nice day.

  81. Kristie says:

    ha gay jokes. You are funny

  82. Justacunt says:

    Fuck off, cunt!

    I know, not clever or witty, but it’s just what I feel needed to be said.
    By the way, I have an I.Q. of 136.

  83. Anonymous says:

    You should get out of your mothers basement and go to college if you want intelligent discussions. But right now you are at holytaco.com soooo shut the fuck up, you’re just making yourself look like a douche.

  84. Anonymous says:

    its sad that people are trying to police the interwebs…

    Trust me guise: arguin online is like running in the special olympics; even if you win, yer still retarded.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Wall-E, Gran Torino and Tropic Thunder? That covers quite a few bases, you have no taste.

  86. Kelly says:


  87. Anonymous says:

    Hm, definitely going to 2nd the motion to take off the wall e poster! that movie is amazing… but agreed indiana jones SUCKS.

  88. Anonymous says:

    telling people not to argue online is just as pointless dumbass

  89. Anonymous says:

    kind of like how you didn’t understand the humor of the poster.

  90. Stopping by says:


    Get over yourself, the life aquatic poster is one of the funniest ones. Rambo’s second. Gay Jokes wins the prize though! Awesome, absolutely awesome. Keep it up

  91. Narf says:

    Take into account that this is in the break media network, if you ever look at the comments on every video there, you will realize that you have already done too much by telling them they are supposed to have fun.

    They are lost. Some references about the lost tv show will follow, my grandma will undoubtedly become gay in the next hour or so, and I will also, by fate, become a fag…or faggot or gay bitch…

  92. Anonymous says:

    The clint eastwood one is funny!

    I feel sorry for the nice americans. There are so many pricks in the mongrel nation.

    p.s. I come from england so I too am a mongrel.

  93. Anonymous II says:

    What do YOU mean You People.

  94. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean by ‘you people’?

  95. Anonymous says:

    shut the fuck up kid, you dont know clint eastwood

  96. Olive says:

    Hahaha, wow.
    Some of these conversations are funnier than the actual material ;)

    But really. Bloody effing brilliant.

  97. Someone else says:

    I’ve enjoyed your rantings.

  98. Anonymous says:

    I thought you were going to Photoshop the movie posters to show what the actors and actresses really look like — especially those whiney white women who look nothing like and no where as good as they do in the poster.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Highly provocative. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Yea I know…I don’t know why everybody is arguing so much. Although I think Transformers was kick ass

  101. The Ghost of Your Dead Grandfather says:

    You all continue to disappoint me greatly.

  102. Anonymous says:

    you’re an idiot

  103. Ben says:

    FAKE! These are clearly photoshopped. Way to go. This would only be funny if you found the actual posters that say that. BTW, I totally want to see Ecstac-E.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the first world war, or to the americans, the ’1917-1918 war’

  105. Anonymous says:

    Here is another one. “The Curious Case of Benjamen Bottoms: First Brad pit gets younger, then a baby dies.”

    such a depressing show.

  106. Terry Wagar says:

    Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar, A,K,A, Doubleclick and Mrs Dash,( yes those are there nicknames they gave each other.) admitted to poisoning me while I was a plasma donor back in 2005.
    Eric Carlson pedofied me behind prison walls and then framed me as a pedophile on march 26th 2007, I caught the crime on a audio recorder I put in Joan’s purse.
    there were people in authority helping them with this and nobody in authority will help they pretend nothing happened and refuse to investigate this.
    Eric Carlson changed his hair color and his name but this is not hidden, only ignored by the authority’s and media
    I’m disabled from being poisoned and the hospitals refuse to admit I’m poisoned.
    My Family is in danger from these people and I have no other recorse but to make these charges public.
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    They dont give a s4!t Joan and Eric was poisoning a plasma donor!
    And how many god damn john ray’s in authority are there in portland oregon!
    You damn serial killer.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Irony is hilarious

  108. Don Anonymous says:

    I always thought it odd to know the what I was getting before delving into a movie experience- visually oriented as I am I tend to leave room for some ‘surprises’, although not like those which come with films like ‘SAW’ ;-!)

  109. Sam says:

    Ha Ha Love it

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. Anonymous says:

    No way! o.0 These are photoshopped??? It’s almost as if that was the point!

  112. Ash says:

    Are you serious?

  113. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see a movie full of loud noises and a totally unbelievable story, see Eagle Eye.

  114. Anonymous says:

    i like cheetos…

  115. Anonymous says:

    man hit in the nuts by young boy = funny!

  116. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t capitalize the first letter in your sentence, and didn’t end your sentence with a period.

    I win.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Well… if Bill Murray’s in the movie, I watch it becaouse of it.

  118. Anonymous says:

    *Eyeroll*. You know what really annoys me? Every inconsequential joke becoming a race war. Everyone wants to talk about how prejudiced people are to their race. Just be like me, and make fun of every race equally. See, there you go, problem solved. Now stop whining.

  119. Anonymous says:

    I actually saw Life Aquatic because I heard there was a guy who sang David Bowie songs in portuguese in it — I like these posters, though, very well done :)

  120. Anonymous says:

    guess what, you’re retarded

  121. t-baggin pete says:

    bitch please. So (SOOO) many peoplez watch movies only because they want to see Bill Murray.

  122. Anonymous says:

    wait wait wait… there was a war in Europe?

  123. Anonymous says:

    I’m just throwing this out there, but does anyone else find it funny that the whiny white girl is whining about the whiny white girl poster?

  124. PPD says:

    You crazy son of a bitch. This is sgt Walker and if I ever see you walking around SW Broadway again, I will shoot you point blank in the asshole. I know you are lying about the “crimes” committed against you and I will not rest until the day that your lifeless body is crumpled underneath my squad car. I will eat your guts and then penetrate your orifices with my nightstick. You will be dead. This is going to happen sooner than you think. I am so super serious. The police are watching your every move. You will never be safe. I know what you are up to. It is so obvious that you are gay. Everyone knows it, so just admit it. You are so gay. I saw you one time sucking dick for free.

  125. Anonymous says:

    lol, this is good

  126. stdg says:

    It ‘s called an aliteration (three words that start with W is nicer than two), also it’s funny just because it’s offensive, like most of the content on this site.

  127. Anonymous says:

    I think most of these movies (with the exception of Life Aquatic and maybe Wall-E) aren’t very artistic at all. I think they’re industrial rather than artistic.

    or maybe you weren’t talking about the movies and instead were talking about the joke posters.

    i could make a poster for this series of joke posters, it would say “mediocre joke posters but theres one that has bill murray on it and it makes it all worth it”

  128. Bradjanet says:

    How about “The Dark Knight”? …retitled, “Half an Hour Too Long, One Explosion Too Many”.

  129. Anonymous says:

    you spelled ass wrong

  130. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree, Life Aquatic was so much more than just Bill Murrey, and i don’t think i know know anyone that would watch a movie just because he’s in it. I do know people who would watch anything that Wes Anderson puts out though.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Billy Mays poisoned a plasma donor

  132. harty says:

    I agree, the comments are effing hilarious. All the anonymous people fighting, probably sitting proudly in their chairs stuffing cheetos in their mouths.

  133. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous as well

  134. Anonymous says:

    Yes yes. No. Yes. Yes.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Well its called “2 hours of whiny WHITE women” because they are ummm….WHITE! if they were yellow, orange, black, gray, or etc. that adjective would proceed WOMEN. Stop trying to make something out of nothing and to the person who posted the racial slur…I’m just going to roll my eyes…anonymity produces a lot of heart…

  136. Anonymous says:

    Did you know the originals film posters are photoshopped too?

  137. Anonymous says:

    well done

  138. Pillophyte says:

    Or any of a number of porn movies

  139. Anonymous says:

    They are VERY white.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Wow a beautifully insightful and eloquently put comment for us all to ponder over. Quite a rarity on the internet these days. Thank You.

  141. Anonymous says:

    then what happened?

  142. Anonymous says:

    go back to your indy music!

  143. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think you get it. Go watch some AFV or something.

  144. Anonymous says:

    :-) kudos to you!

  145. P says:

    Yes! I agree with you! That person is very gay

  146. P says:

    You sir, are a gay

  147. Chitch says:

    Yes….they are OBVIOUSLY photoshoped idiot. Hence the hilarity.

  148. Anonymous says:

    oh the humanity… all this heart for no reason.

  149. Logan Silverberg says:


    i included my name in case anyone i know stumbles upon this site lol…i’m so clever.

  150. Anonymous says:

    its a good thing bill was in the movie, otherwise i never would have seen it.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha!! The comments are funnier than the posters! Its amazing how people go off the topic and start personal wars.. Anonymous vs Anonymous! hahaha.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Most pointless comment ever?

  153. Anonymous says:

    Zissou is the shiz. just for the record. way better than any of the other stupid azz movies

  154. Anonymous says:

    who was expecting the plot of a movie based on toys that change from cars to robots to be good? i just wanted to see giant robots fighting. i did see that. it was awesome. also loud noises are awesome!

  155. Anonymous says:

    they are white

  156. Anonymous says:


  157. Anonymous says:


  158. Anonymous says:

    you’re clearly not smart enough to stay on this site and that’s really saying something…

  159. Anonymous says:

    i agree with anonymous

  160. Anonymous says:

    these have been done before. fag.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Of all of the movies on this list to defend, why have you chosen possibly the stupidest one? I never saw it, but after witnessing about 5 or 10 minutes of the show I can only agree with the newly enhanced title.

  162. d says:

    you’re a fag, too

  163. Anonymous says:

    Oh and get back to work

  164. Anonymous says:

    And whiny…

  165. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I’m an idiot.

  166. Anonymous says:

    well…they are all white…and whiny…terribly whiny. As for your comment about it only being acceptable to make of white people, if there was a black chick on the show Im sure they would add…

    …and a very loud, obnoxious, weave-wearing, black woman. :)

  167. the flail says:

    Man, the internet loses.

    Ha, transformers. Why was the plot shitty? watch the original, and you’ll see why.

  168. Anonymous says:

    These are quite funny and kill a boring 5 minutes at work, but I am quite offended by the first one: why is “2 hours of whiny WHITE women?”

    I think that this is outrageous. Imagine the uproar if this racially negative comment were directed toward black people! Yet white people are allowed to be the butt of racial jokes – it really annoys me.

  169. kaahl says:


  170. Walrus says:

    It’s not a racial Joke, it doesn’t imply that all white women are whiny so it’s not even a stereotype.

    No it’s 2 hours, of whining white women.

    Does exactly what it says on the tin!

  171. Anonymous says:

    South Park did a great take on their thoughts of the Indiana Jones flick. I think everyone thought that one should never have been made….

  172. Anonymous says:

    I only saw it because Bill Murray was in it, and guess what, I hated it.

  173. Anonymous says:

    lol pwned

  174. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha – pure gold. i bet the women in that movie would be annoyed by the title too lol

  175. victor says:

    Make more of these im going to blow one up and place it in my room kikos here I come

  176. Johnny says:

    You are all just mad because someone found a way to express themselves artistically and you are jealous because you cannot do it your self. Get a real life and make your mark somewhere it will be wanted. Like maybe the political blogs or some where no one cares what you say.

  177. Anonymous says:

    guess what– o frick i forgot. it was going to be a great comeback. oh well.

    and life aquatic… had bill murray in it!

  178. John says:

    i dont like balls

  179. DieselNuts says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I sure do love balls.

  180. Anonymous says:

    r u a gay person?

  181. Anonymous says:

    i want to rub preck mcfelys vagina

  182. Tom says:

    I don’t.

  183. Anonymous says:

    i like the smell of balls

  184. H83tr3d says:

    I gotta nice one for ya “Terminator Salvation”:

    “Mcg jerks out such a deadly dull rehash , it makes Charlies Angels look like Space Oddisey”

  185. Ralph DeLuca says:

    These are absolutely hilarious! I have been collecting vintage movie posters for over 15 years and never saw anything like this. Keep up the good work!!

    Ralph DeLuca
    Madison NJ

  186. Anonymous says:


  187. Sw0rDMaNz says:

    IM A PONY!! funny pics though ;)

  188. Megabass says:


  189. Dicker says:

    Sometimes licking sac is fun.

  190. Anonymous says:

    put me to fucking sleep.

  191. Anonymous says:

    I actually saw the Life Aquatic because it was created by Wes Anderson.

  192. One of my balls says:

    Does anyone here like balls?

  193. Jewel Henry says:

    Dude, Gran Torino was great.

  194. picadilly says:

    Yes everyone, trolling is quite fascinating. Let’s move on.

  195. Anonymous says:

    Lol, this is great

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  197. DrPepperfan says:

    Very entertaining list, although I don’t understand why the Wall-E one is here.

  198. Shit says:

    I swear that 95% of sites I stumble are lists.. Why is that?

    You should do a list of “TOP 100 CUNTS”.. You can be Number 1.

  199. S says:

    i think balls are just great!

  200. Miss Piss says:

    My vagina was very offended by this post

  201. Anonymous says:

    Great movie.

  202. Crazy Aunt Ruthie says:

    The comments on this page are priceless. Well worth the cost of admission.

  203. friggin' funny says:

    any movie with bill murray is worth seeing, ok? ghostbusters was 1 of the funniest movies of all time… his 1 mistake was garfield, and thats it. as for rambo, ROCK ON STALLONE!

  204. Anonymous says:

    word most of this shit is spot on man, Tansformers was a joke, just a shit load of loud noises. I saw the bill murray movie cause bill murray was in it and the indiana jones movie did sort of suck monkey balls

  205. Anonymous says:

    yeah, not going to lie, that one went right over my head.

  206. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually B3TA.com…. but good shout

  207. Anonymous says:

    english is clearly their second language, i vote YOU’RE the idiot for not realizing that.

  208. Dude says:

    Lol, that last comment ruled.

  209. Anonymous says:

    Why do you watch movies you know youre not gonna like?

  210. GN says:

    Please make me a print of that Rambo poster.

  211. ivo sanader says:

    i think that this what authore wright about wall – e is not funney becouse this film is about kute little robot in love and not about drogs. oll other is wery funney, but you shold not write that about wall – e. and, oh my Got, that is film for childs who are inosent!

  212. Anonymous says:

    You are an idiot…Do us all a favor and put your penis in an x-ray machine long enough so that you become sterile and don’t ruin this planet even more with your retard-DNA.

  213. lacky says:

    Anonymous217, these jokes weren’t for you then. Relax.

  214. Anonymous says:

    none of this was even remotely funny

  215. Falstar says:

    I surprised no one has mentioned “Cloverfield”.
    When is the sequal coming out?

  216. Anonymous says:

    I somehow doubt your sobriety at this point. I also suggest that the Wall-E poster be changed to something crystal meth oriented in your honor.

  217. Anonymous says:

    You are the sole human responsible for destroying the English language. I can guarantee it.

  218. Owen says:

    *chuckle* that had me in stiches!

  219. Anonymous217 says:

    Other sucestions:

    James Bond: Casino Royale = James Bond: You dont even recognise him –
    Or: 40 years of Jamesbond down the toilet –
    Or: He dosnt do anything

    Starwars Episode 3: Nothing like the original –

    I disagree about Transformers. “loud noises”? I seriusly dont get that one.. It had the best sound and music in a movie, i have heard in a long time. “no script and retarded plot”?
    It had both of them, great story.
    Seriously, i dont see Schindlers List to laugh my a.. of.
    And i dont get history lessons from Star Wars
    So enjoy a movie AS IT IS! FOCUS!

  220. Anonymous says:

    dont b jealous of our balls

  221. Darksteele says:



  222. Anonymous says:

    Sure, where do you want me to mail it to?

  223. Anonymous says:

    Billy Mays sniffs Kaboom, that’s a fact!

  224. Metal Munky says:

    I have a suggestion on the Transformers poster: Let’s Label This After a Cult Classic To Lure the Fans but It’s Just All About Shia Lebouf and his Sexy Human Chick.

  225. danSpain says:

    Why you say that Indiana Jones 4 is a shit?
    This film it’s exactly like the old saga (same esoteric script, same jokes, same effects, same surreal stunts…), but with russians. This is the only change. For this time, Lucas don’t do the same shit that with star wars but people still thinking that he made an awfull film.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Way to steal an idea from Cracked.

  227. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬†says:

    ,«,¬,­,®,ª,«,¬,­,®niggers guy was cancer

  228. Anonymous says:

    I’ve really, REALLY got to stop reading the comments on these kinds of topics. My mind just can’t take it anymore…

  229. Geoserv says:


    Great post, quite humorous. Enjoyed #3 the most.

  230. Squidward says:

    Are you either A. Insane, or B. Blind, or C. a five year old child with downs syndrome? Because other than you being monumentally without any kind of standards, those are the only logical conclusions about you that can be made.

  231. Sam says:

    I think the comments are funny. And I like balls

  232. Gobshite says:


  233. Anonymous says:

    Actually, this idea came from Worth1000.com

  234. Darksteele says:

    Judging by the Kaboom comment, Billy Mays?

  235. Anonymous says:

    You are right. This page and comment section was designed entirely for the high standards of only the most complex, serious and intellectual individuals. What do you consider remotely funny?

    Someone needs to lol some more.

  236. Anonymous420 says:

    because we hope and hope that they wont suck and then when we do see it we are pissed because they ruin the things we loved in our childhood.

    oh yeah i stumbled this and im glad i did

  237. By the way says:

    By the way, even if you only acknowledge the Russians being the only change you have to admit they were nowhere near as scary as the Nazis.

    I mean shit the primary enemy thought she was psychic and used a fucking sword for christ’s sake.

  238. Anonymous says:

    where do you get your heroin from?

  239. King of Cheese says:

    Loud noises and extincticy make for a fun fun fun movie-looking-at experiencing. Boom Boom things blowing up, and more loud noises is a wow, bud! And why were not the trees in ‘The Happening’ ninja trees? Then it would have been kick ass where a beech kicks out some car windows, and ninja oak trees stomp on a school bus. Woulds have been more fun. And if there had to be trees killing people with pollen, then why can’t the pollen also be like psilocybin and make dying a life-enhancing experience?

    And I would like to see ninja yucca trees kick Indian Jones butt for such a lame ass movie. A lead-lined refrigerator? WTF? How….coincidental! Seriously, even a ninja creosote bush. This movie makes Baby Jesus cry.

    Thanks to you. Kaboom!!

  240. Brian David says:

    Is that Bill Murray one a real movie? I don’t understand Clint Eastwood? What time did Wall-E come out? I don’t get this…

  241. Anonymous says:

    The Transformers one is spot on! There is absolutely no story and lots of loud noises :D but I would have just called it: Ludicrous budget with no ideas.
    Spent most of the time just thinking “why did they bother programming the metal to move like a mouth?”

  242. Country Breakfast says:

    No. Just no.

  243. Anonymous says:

    you write like an inosent childs

  244. balisong13 says:

    absolutely hilarious. very well put esp the transformers one. Please keep up the good work.

  245. Anonymous says:

    please kill yourself. it’s a f***ing JOKE.

  246. Anonymous, no wait, matt says:

    I actually really liked the fourth installment of indiana jones. Even so, I really enjoyed all these jokes because I accept them for what they are, jokes.

  247. Anonymous says:

    Simply great

  248. Anonymous says:

    ivo sanders is a plant. Good writing Holy Taco staff.
    No one that illiterate is that bold. But lookie all the replies. :-) Well dn.

  249. Anonymous says:

    You’re an idiot. This was hilarious.

  250. Anonymous says:

    If kids movies were not secretly aimed at adults they would never get released…or produced…or comsumed. BTW Ever heard of “Hooked On Phonics” ?

  251. Anonymous says:

    Could not be more wrong, let’s not lower our standards for lousy net humor.

  252. Rodney Dangerfield says:

    Are you kidding! You people need to liten up.
    That’s some funny stuff.

    I got another one. The movie “Burn after reading” should be renamed “Burn after watching”

  253. YOU REALLY SHOULD says:

    oh and holytaco, suggestion: come up with a way to hide comments…

    Welcome to the internet…

  254. mikey says:

    beta.com already did it and funnier

  255. Anonymous says:

    The Bill Murray is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Its a great film.
    The Clint Eastwood is Gran Torino and the poster is a very good summation of the movie.
    And Finally Wall-E came out the beginning of June 2008.

  256. Anonymous says:

    How about “Burn Before Watching”?

  257. Anonymous says:

    Spell check wouldn’t have catched that

  258. Anonymous says:

    Theyre mostly funny, but the Transformers one is ridiculous. I am sick to death of people slaggin off transformers. I grew up watchin the cartoon in the 80′s and I could not fault it. I thought it was fanstastic and it was Michael Bay’s most successful film to date. I would like to see the people that criticise it do a better job.

  259. Anonymous says:


  260. Too Self-Conscious to Use My Name says:

    Is it just me, or all these posters have been manipulated by the use of Photoshop?

  261. Anonymous says:

    lol. You bit.

  262. WickedMan_GR says:

    Hmmm, aside from the Wall-E one (great movie) there were quite funny. I enjoyed transformers too but in a sit-back-and-relax-watching-a-completely-mindless-action-movie way :D
    P.S. Please drag Sylvester in a zoo, I cannot stand another Rambo movie… :(

  263. Anonymous says:

    Loud noises, machine guns…why else would you see a movie anyway? :p

  264. pio says:

    our lives are organized as if we were on stage at all times.. when we meet “how are you?” “great…fine or whatever” but we are not doing great or fine. From the moment we get out of bed till the moment we return into it..we stage a show featuring our best masks and our best lies. We cannot be true to others, specially the one we really do not like. So nobody knows really what is really going on except for ourselves in front of a mirror, that is where we are really truthful to ourselves, that is where our ego meets our face.

  265. Anonymous says:

    Sweet! We’re all gay!

  266. Bollo says:

    Wall-E may have been a good movie, but the poster is still true – it would indeed be a better movie when watched after taking pills.

  267. Anonymous says:


  268. GayCommey says:

    ooo sorry… my dick is too small

  269. Dicklover says:

    I sure do love cock!

  270. Anonymous says:

    ass clown? omg, a new horror for those with coulrophobia :-o

  271. Anonymous says:

    Super Clever! Loved them. I hope you’ll continue to review movies and create posters.

  272. Anonymous says:

    Yay, name calling makes you look smart, bravo!

  273. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you you cock sucking whore mongering piece of shit!!! Muhahahaha.

  274. Anonymous says:

    Rambo would rip that scrawny little robot piece of shit in half any day!!!

  275. EyePatchWolf says:

    I kind of want to buy some of these posters and give them to friends as a joke gift.

  276. Preck McFeely says:

    What should I do if my vagina throbs?

  277. Its just a ride says:

    Hahaha the posters were so funny, i really liked them all!
    And to all that people that seems to be annoyed, i think they should just relax a little bit i mean if u didnt like any of the jokes then… thats it! u just didnt liked it, no need to offend people.

  278. Anonymous says:

    I’m gay.

  279. A Canadian -Tim Houton's Lover says:

    I’ve been looking at your posters and reading the comments, beside the language, I think the whole site is funny. Thanks for clearing up the Wall-e poster. Not everybody who visits this site will get the humor or parody, that does not make them less smart. Keep in mind that the internet is vast community of different ethnics, cultures and experiences. So what one person will think is funny someone else is going to find offensive or not “Get it”. I use spell checker a lot, not because I’m lazy, but as as a tool. As I agree with a lot of the comments, as in freedom of speech, lets show some respect to each other, you might get a better response.

  280. Anonymous says:

    I like balls.

  281. Anonymous says:

    oh wow! me too

  282. Anonymous says:

    No its just you mate, this is how they were released

  283. Anonymous says:

    FRROOSHHHHHH!!!! Michael Bay thinks that special effects are a plot. FROSH! Then a truck comes and blows up like… FROSH!

  284. Anonymous says:

    you are mostly a douche.

  285. Anonymous says:

    No dude, NOTHING was changed. Go to the movies…you’ll probably see one outside the ticket office.

  286. Anonymous says:

    I KNOW me TOO! We can be gay together!

  287. Follguy says:

    Not a bad parody page; Rambo’s third act was, in fact awesome.

  288. Anonymous says:

    you’re gross you fucking lint licker

  289. Anonymous says:

    Koksakis, you sir, are a faggot. Do not speak blasphemies against the name of Rambo you ass-splunking whore.

  290. Anonymous says:

    me too.

  291. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see the people who made Transformers do a better job.

  292. Anonymous says:

    you thought Wall-E was good? It was another Meh movie, just looked nice. It is sad cause all these posters are TRUE.

  293. Anonymous says:


  294. Anonymous says:

    Willem DaFoe was, by far, the best thing about this movie.

    Another sleeper movie of his was “Shadow of a Vampire”. Brilliant stuff, if you like that style of humor.

  295. Anonymous says:

    No need for language.

    It should have been obvious that these were parodies, but some people are not always as cognitively athletic as we hope. Be glad that they did figure out the movies weren’t actually real.

    Peas and luv.

  296. Yeah, I’ve seen a few of these films.
    Wall-E is a great movie, to name one; the very fact that you didn’t get it is the very fact that you could make a dumb fuck wanna-be parody site like this one.
    Granted, its all pissing in the wind philosophically speaking, but there are many who grow, or are entertained by these pictures.

    I fully support the first amendment of the United States of America, and while supporting your right to be a complete and utter ass-hat, I reserve the right to call you out on your ass-hattedness.

    P.S. Fuggoff thanx

  297. Anonymous says:


  298. Anonymous says:

    dude. if you dont like it, YOU “fuggoff.” you’re retarded.

  299. William says:

    Hilarious! Ignore the haters; these are great. And yes, I saw that movie just because Bill Murray was in it.

  300. Anonymous says:

    The sad part is we would totally still waist our time with them even if the posters were honest.

  301. Anonymous says:


  302. Anonymous says:

    You would enjoy it if you were high. Get it now? lol

  303. Anonymous says:

    peas are gross

  304. kthxbai says:

    you’re awfully heated over an internet page. why are you willing defend a movie to the point of calling someone else an “asshat” because they didn’t like it or because they didn’t in your opinion “get it”?

    it’s. just. the. internet. everything will be oooookay, calm down, take your pills, and don’t get so personal about something that wasn’t even directed at you.

    opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got em. and because of that, just because you don’t agree with one opinion doesn’t make them an asshole or you right and vice versa.

    remember kids, it’s only the fugging intorwebz.

  305. Anonymous says:

    lol sooooooooooo funny (NOT)

  306. Anonymous says:

    Not only it is irrelevant, but they’re also the funniest.

  307. Anonymous says:

    i dont get the wall e one

  308. Anonymous says:

    psh–I saw Life Aquatic because Wes Anderson directed it

  309. U HAVE NO NIPPLES says:

    of course they were edited ._______. have some humor for your own sake.. u____u

    Of course we do respect the actors and whatever
    but those titles are for some reasons.. jeez…

  310. Anonymous says:

    You missed the apostrophe on “its” in the sentence “I mean its not like anyone is trying to write an application essay for fucking Stanford.” I believe you meant “it’s” which is the contraction for “it is” as opposed to the possessive form.

  311. Anonymous says:

    I seriously lol’d at this.

    The Transformers film was fucking terrible.

  312. Sam says:

    fuck my hairy ass…

  313. I agri with you. I havnt seen most of teh films you mentioned above, but heard or seen the promos of most of the films. I will not judge the film frm your humur approach to them. I am making a few spelling mistakes here just to get some replies to my comment.


  314. Anonymous says:


  315. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Wes Anderson is the shit. Maybe you don’t get dry humor

  316. Anonymous says:


  317. Anonymous says:

    Me too Me too!

  318. Anonymous says:


  319. Gaycommey says:

    you’re gay

  320. Anonymous says:

    Try shoving something in there

  321. Anonymous says:

    of course it’s photoshopped douche bag

  322. Anonymous says:

    A few of these here were great movies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of them. I dig.

  323. Anonymous says:

    Reading the comments on this page is just as funny (if not funnnier!) as the posters! :)

  324. Anonymous says:


  325. Anonymous says:

    waist????? i think you need to turn off the spell checker and actually do some learning! WASTE YOU RETARD

  326. Preck McFeely says:


  327. Anonymous says:

    what do you mean fake you ass clown?

  328. koksakis says:

    you cant be serious!
    Rambo is a RETIRED Vietnam vet since 1971! 38 years ago!
    So should Stallone do from acting if you want my opinion!

  329. Anonymous says:

    You misspelled the word “awesome”

  330. Josh says:

    I stumbled here. And I must say…WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT INTERNET GRAMMAR…I am a self proclaimed spell-check Nazi in my own right, but I have relaxed on it quite a bit. I mean its not like anyone is trying to write an application essay for fucking Stanford. Sure people on the internet can and WILL flame shit just because they are that dumb, but going after them for grammar and shit is just as low.

    Forgive me, I’m losing faith in humanity.

    Actually, I take that back. Part of me thinks the only reason comments/replies are enabled for stuff like this just for the entertainment one can acquire from airheads who use it as a means to flame each other.

  331. the buck says:

    you all are sum real dum fucks ! they was supposed to be funny and they were . i beleve you fuckers would argue with a fuckin rock. get a fuckin life !!!!!!!!

  332. Anon says:

    Why don’t you try to vary your vocabulary? Try using an alternate word to “fucking”.

  333. Anonymous says:

    I would absolutely Not argue with a rock. Lmfao.

  334. Anonymous says:

    uh huh…describe that “plot”, then see if the movie is still worth watching with “your eyes open”

  335. Anonymous says:

    fuck you

  336. andrew says:

    how about Two Weeks Notice

    Hugh Grant Acting Awkward…. Again

  337. Anonymous says:

    i have sweaty old man balls and im only 24, whats happening, i think its cause i just spunked on my tits … yes i am a tranny

  338. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know. I think it’s some kind of shopped pixel.

  339. Suckstobeyou says:

    Through a font? Surely you mean ‘through text’ or ‘through writing’. A font is a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. You could never tell sarcasm through it. It doesn’t have an emotional or tonal capacity.

  340. Anonymous says:

    Everything about you makes me want to kill people.

  341. Anonymous says:

    the little girl in my trunk

  342. Anonymous says:

    I have some questions, but I am afraid to ask.

  343. Anonymous says:

    who wants to do me in the ass wit something niice?

  344. Anonymous says:

    yea their photoshoped thanks captain fukn obvious
    I thought they were the real movie posters…

  345. Anonymous says:

    I actually liked Gran Torino quite a bit, even though the shoop was absolutely dead on.

  346. Anonymous says:

    Dummy…the guy that retired WAS the bad guy. Watch it again.

  347. Anonymous says:

    Awesome posters.

    As for the posts, I can’t believe the language. It’s almost was horrific as the message boards on IMDB. FOR SHAME!


  348. Anonymous says:

    Transexuals, I mean Transformers was probaby tha worst f–ing movie i ever f—ing saw. wat was i supposed to beat my monkey to? Loud Noices? Yea rite. show the dicks please. straight guys going gay are good 2.

  349. Anonymous says:

    You smell like bigfoots dick

  350. Anonymous says:

    sum of these movies were actually good,and actually did really well

    so how bout another list with mayb speed racer this time

  351. Peck says:

    Yay! Dick me too please!

  352. Sacky says:

    I think they are funny and gay

  353. Anonymous says:

    This is the most moronic collection of anonymous posts I’ve ever had the misfortune to scroll through. Grow up, dudes.

  354. No idea how these string of comments came about, but they’re far more hilarious than these “Something Awful”-wannabe posters.

  355. Lee says:

    Give Captain Obvious the key to Sarcasm City.
    Dummy no one can really tell its sarcasm through a font unless you indicate that it is. Idiot.

  356. Synonymous says:

    shut up

  357. The Lone Hawaiian says:

    Amusing concept, but not especially funny in it’s execution.

  358. Keeper of the Faith says:

    Very amusingly! I espeically liked “Loud Noises” for Transformers.

    However, I don’t think that George Lucas ruined Indiana Jones…..

  359. Anonymous says:

    How about no.

  360. Anonymous says:

    yes you can totally tell it is not real.
    why do they think we can’t tell?
    that is dumb.
    i don’t understand sarcasm because i am 12 and have no interpersonal interactions.
    what is a sarcasm anyway?
    obviously a noun. “A Sarcasm”.

  361. Anonymous says:

    No Country For Old Men—Title: No Ending For This Movie. Tagline: What America needs NO., A hero who retires and lets the bad guy get away with it.

  362. Anonymous says:

    Its called a troll. Just trying to get people to respond in negative ways.

  363. Anonymous says:

    fuck you cock

  364. Anonymous says:

    I liked the posters. The comments are awful.

  365. Anonymous says:

    dude its called sarcasm

  366. peter says:


  367. Anonymous says:

    Well another good photoshopper making fun of some genuinly good movies. Some were funny, but others made fun of good movies.

  368. Spencer says:

    This seems badly titled….I mean are we hoping that movie posters don’t lie, or just the titles. Seems that the posters barely changed. Just checking.

  369. You dad says:

    Transformers had a plot. Next time try watching the movie with your eyes open.

  370. Macaroni and dick says:

    My last rape victim!! ba dum tee

  371. Anonymous says:

    Obviously photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.

  372. Archie Leach says:


  373. Anonymous says:

    What’s a sarcasm?

  374. Platonymous says:

    Well of course you can tell by the pixels, the high order bit is always phase shifted with Photoshop. But it’s pretty lame of this Anonymous to keep answering his own posts.

  375. Anonymous says:

    Which of these pieces of shit were good? Clint Eastwood’s movie was a lifetime channel drama disguised by the previews as an action film, and that’s the only thing that seemed even remotely good. I liked Wall-E, too.

  376. Anonymous says:

    Correction I also liked Tropic Thunder and that movie with Bill Murray which I can’t remember the names of. The fake titles for those movies weren’t even funny, either.

  377. Anonymous says:

    WOW read the comments instead of the posters

  378. Anonymous says:

    I wrote all those nasty comments and replied to myself.

  379. Anonymous says:

    I am responsible for all of them

  380. Anonymous says:

    How about “Shitty Unfunny Unoriginal Website Tries To Do Photoshop Poster Jokes A Million Other Sites Have Done Far Better In The Past: The Motion Picture”?

  381. Anonymous says:

    REALLY? dumb fuc

  382. Mascarpone says:

    Rambo poster.. flawless!

  383. Macaroni and dick says:

    What’s black and blue and hates sex?

  384. Anonymous says:

    no he’s totally right. pixels, etc.

  385. Anonymous says:

    It’s THEY’RE retards, not THEIR retards. Why do I bother…?

  386. sum dum az says:

    You bother because simply pointing out the fact that you know a small portion of the English language makes you feel far superior to the rest of human kind.

  387. Anonymous says:

    fuck you and fry your brain with some sort of illicit substance like the rest of us

  388. mack this says:

    i’m sorry your dad didn’t hug you. :(

  389. Mack I love you. says:

    see above

  390. Anonymous says:

    I think you mean Megan Fox need i say more? lol

  391. Anonymous says:

    Yikes. While I whole-heartedly agree with your point about spelling and grammar and such, you really shouldn’t make that point amid a tide of errors yourself. Let’s review (I’ll put corrections in brackets []):

    [W]ell, you may be 13[,] but you appear to have all of the intelligence of an [8-year-old] [who] just learned to curse.
    1. I liked Transformers and Wall-E. If you didn’t, that’s fine. But judging by [its] box office numbers[,] I’d say a lot of people liked them besides me.
    2. Misspelling and grammatical errors, along with writing in CAPS LOCK, make YOU look like an incompetent idiot and undermine whatever point you are trying to make[, whereas] writing correctly enhances your point. I mean, would you ever talk like that to your friends? How you speak/write is very important as to [people's] impression of you. Just look at someone like Obama, who is one of the best orators I have seen. He does an excellent job of speaking, and it’s one of the reasons he was able to win the [presidency].
    3. Now that I think of it, [IT'S] GIANT ROBOTS AND MEGAN FOX!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE IT[?!] (Note, this is an appropriate use of caps lock, as it provides proper emphasis on the point I am trying to make[.])
    4. Good lord[,] kid, it’s an [Internet] posting of funny [photoshopped] movie posters. Go outside or something. Don’t you have homework?

  392. Anonymous says:

    Wall-E and Transformers were good movies. Get some taste and spell check.

  393. haha says:

    George Lucas gave me herpes……..that fucker

  394. Anonymous says:

    Most were shit. leave it at that

  395. Anonymous says:

    Just because you’re retarded enough just to watch movies because some brainless hot chick is in them doesn’t mean you actuallyhave the right to criticize a film hat was actually produced with a great deal of skill. Seriously? The market for transformers began a long time before you actually realized girls had boobs anyways, so quit being a spineless shallow jerk who doesn’t appreciate film or the impact of childhood toys or comics on today’s media. thanks.

  396. Anonymous says:

    LMAO these are great!! Well done!

  397. Anonymous says:

    Hey, way to steal other peoples hard work and not even cite your sources. Stolen from somethingawful.com’s photoshop phriday.

  398. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree at all with life aquatic.That is an excellent movie and bill murray is awesome.I saw it because I like wes anderson and bill murray and was delighted I did.

  399. Anonymous says:

    The posters are entertaining.

    …. The comments, for the most part are even better. But one piece of advice … anyone can swear and use vulgar language. It takes a brain to truly insult someone without resorting to belly flopping in the cess pool of vulgarity. Use a few of those brain cells and put some thought into it and you might make an impression.

  400. Mackwhat? says:


  401. cadence says:

    quite a nice work of art…though i do not particularly agree on some of the poster’s contents.

  402. Anonymous says:

    He doesn’t have the right to criticise it? Why, what makes him different from EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD?

  403. lee says:

    oh shut up you boring busy-body idiot

  404. Anonymous says:

    Hell I’ve watched Transformers about 8 times on my expensive home theatre system.

    Take away loud noises, kick-arse CGI and the ability to see every goose-bump on them lovely breasts in 1080p? Then there’s really no reason to watch the movie.

    IMHO, the poster is spot-on…

  405. Lei says:

    Hell, with extacy I could even watch two hours of whiny white women.
    Sup with all the transformer fanboi remarks btw? The poster clearly and only says it has no plot, yet many are just going on about how awesome it was. I can only presume you mean the special effects were awesome. The poster says nothing about the specials effects.

    Excellent posters, man XD

  406. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha, he’s also in the indiana jones movie

    which sucked

  407. Hoff71 says:

    ITCHY, FLAKEY SCALP???….you disgust me

  408. Anonymous says:

    transformers blew.

  409. Anonymous says:

    I think you are ALL thirteen yr. old boys!

  410. Rose says:

    And the one that says i hate jews is the fucking shit makes no sence but still fucking funny

  411. Anonymous says:

    this is too funny

  412. Anonymous says:

    I challenge that it is you who is the idiot, and he was the one who passed 6th grade English class.

  413. SH says:

    you kids are crazy. Stumbled this and laughed and enjoyed myself until i read all the idiotic comments on it.

    1. obviously these are photoshopped, ahhhaa do u really think the movie posters say those things?? good god!

    2. stop being the internet police. if the author wants to steal- who cares…it’s not hurting you.

    3. personally i thoroughly enjoy sex and the city, but, i still got a good chickle.

    keep up the funny shit, man.

  414. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? I mean, Seriously? Wow. Nice posters there, even if they are photo shopped I bet it took awhile to do. You have some skill. And for those losers below me. You talk crap and attack other people because apparently you have nothing better to do. It amazes me how many times I stumble onto something like this and there’s nothing but people putting comments into the comment box that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. IE-the photo shopped posters. If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t waste your time saying it because its only bullshit and no one wants to hear it to begin with. All of you so called ’13 year old boys’. Shut the hell up, go back to school and learn some manners. To the rest of you. Wait, you can do the same.. =) Have a nice day.

  415. Anonymous says:

    ♪ Why can’t we be friends? ♪

    And also, kudos to the first guy for at least being literate in his criticism, a feat that most people most everywhere that comments are available struggle with. And seriously you guys, it’s not that big of a deal. So the guy likes tits. So what? Who out of heterosexual men doesn’t? And he mentioned other things, so he can’t have a completely one-track mind. But honestly, don’t waste your time arguing such frivolous things on the internet.

    Oh, and INB4 comments about me being hypocritical, because I argued both sides of this war, so I’m not.

  416. wil says:

    My version of “The Life Aquatic” was more like, “YOU’LL SEE THIS MOVIE BECAUSE WES ANDERSON MADE IT”, but, well, it’s pretty much spot on. Great flick, though.

  417. Anonymous says:


  418. Anonymous says:

    haha, all that is pretty much true but i think transformers was pretty awesome.
    i mean come on, SHIA LABEOUF!
    need i say more?

  419. Anonymous says:

    what the hell none of the last comments are in order and by the way every single one of the movies on this fucking site blew and who the fuck cares about grammer and $p311ing if you understand what the point of the fucking commet is then dont correct them you stupid ass fucking losers who fight back and forth with comments…..i stumbled on this hoping to get a laugh but i read your fucking comments and it made me angry cause your all fucking retarded. TRANSFORMERS AND WALL-E SUCKED GET OVER IT

  420. sealy says:

    Haha!! these are fantastic and I wish that was what I saw on the sex & the city poster earlier – my ex took me to see it and I never saw the TV show, so i figured from the title it would be interesting….oh how wrong, oh so wrong

  421. Their retards in disguise says:

    I think people are a bit unfair on Transformers. Lets not forget it is a kids film based on a kids cartoon. My girlfriend use to look after retarded people (seriously) and she took them to the cinema to watch it, and my girlfriend enjoyed too. I took a lot of convincing, but we hired it out about a year later. I thought it was very entertaining despite the plot being aimed at ten year olds. A lot of kids films offer some entertainment for adults, because its the adults who have to take them to the cinema and watch with them. Remember children and retards love this film, and as one Kid/retard here put it ” the best action film of the 21st century”. How can you argue with that?

  422. Rose says:

    This shit is funny the ppl commenting even more funny ur all gay

  423. Anonymous says:

    im the anonymous who said a lot of mean things and put $p311ing in my comment and just so you know im not some bitchy whore who is pmsing…im a 13yr fucking boy who hates incompetent people…transformers action wasnt even that great 2 big guys pretty much knocked over buildings woohoo go to a fucking demolition site for that its way cooler than big robots fucking throwing each other around FUCK i hate all of you

  424. Anonymous says:

    well, you may be 13 but you appear to have all of the intelligence of an 8 year old that just learned to curse.
    1. I liked Transformers and Wall-E. If you didn’t, that’s fine. But judging by it’s box office numbers I’d say a lot of people liked them besides me.
    2. Misspelling and grammatical errors, along with writing in CAPS LOCK, make YOU look like an incompetent idiot and undermine whatever point you are trying to make. Whereas writing correctly enhances your point. I mean, would you ever talk like that to your friends? How you speak/write is very important as to peoples impression of you. Just look at someone like Obama, who is one of the best orators I have seen. He does an excellent job of speaking, and it’s one of the reasons he was able to win the Presidency.
    3. Now that I think of it, IT”S GIANT ROBOTS AND MEGAN FOX!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE IT!? (Note, this is an appropriate use of caps lock, as it provides proper emphasis on the point I am trying to make)
    4. Good lord kid, it’s an internet posting of funny photo shopped movie posters. Go outside or something. Don’t you have homework?

  425. Anonymous says:

    wall-e was a fantastic movie! loved it i could watch it over and over again :P

  426. Soylent Green says:

    The posters were OK but all you posters are Photochopped! And badly I might add. If you were a banana you would be consumed at the zoo.

  427. seriously? says:

    seriously? correcting incorrect grammar does not mean you’re giving yourself an ego boost. ignorance is nothing to be proud of. If you’re not sure of the correct word usage? Look it up first.

  428. Anonymous says:

    Sry yer comment is too long bro

  429. DISILLUSIONED says:

    From the rest of humanity. After optimistically reading this nonsense and hoping to find something to validate the waste of two perfectly good minutes but only finding the complete absence of true intelligence I would like to say,

  430. Anonymous says:


  431. Ron says:

    Hahaha, that was priceless.

  432. ninjavitus says:

    the life aquatic is one of my all time favorites

  433. George W. Izzashit says:

    I dropped a huge loaf this morning. Thought I was done. Then I had to do it again. Finally, three visits to the throne from 7am to 11am and now I feel finally emptied.

    Great day.

  434. Miss K says:

    Actually, the names aren’t in the wrong place. They are listed in order of.. oh whats the word…ugh mind blank…anyway from most important/popular/lead role to probably least paid actress, who knows. But it’s not listed in order that the ladies are standing.

    If you notice on other posters, it’s the same. Just an FYI

  435. Anonymous says:

    Megan Fox ? you mean the trailer trash girl with a big ass tattoo above her cunt that says “Brian”….shes with a 90210 kinda ho…..Austin Green use to be a skinny fuck, now look at his fat ass….give Megan a few years, lol

    oh and yeah those fake posters are on the money, all those actors suck anyway

  436. Auds says:

    The Life Aquatic is one of my favorites as well. :)

  437. Anonymous says:

    shut up you wanna be ganster fag

  438. Fnorx says:


    yes i can’t be wrong!

    p.s. note for dumbasses without any sense of humor, i’m f*cking joking!

  439. Anonymous says:

    I have a strong suspicion that you are white…imposter.

  440. Anonymous says:

    that is sooooooo funny…. wow, I nearly groaned with laughter.

  441. Anonymous says:

    You cannot use periods if you have an emoticon following a sentence. It makes the emoticon look plainly wrong. For example.:) ← Do you not see that? It is not a cyclops, but a smiling face! Therefore, no periods :D

  442. Seriously? says:

    Laughable is almost the only real word in that comment.

  443. Anonymous says:

    I just feel bad that Sarah Jessica always wears outfits that make her looks like shes blind and got dressed while she was on acid. in the pic even, theyre all in normal clothes and she looks like a damn fool..like all of you ;-) .

  444. Anonymous says:

    All of them were very well done, except I have to agree with the previous posters concerning “The Life Aquatic.” Who the hell saw it because of Bill Murray? It should have indeed read “YOU WILL SEE THIS MOVIE BECAUSE WES ANDERSON DIRECTED IT”, which is a damn good reason to see a movie.

  445. Anonymous says:

    no is not photosopper, they all real. this is truth

  446. Anonymous says:


  447. Anonymous says:

    Oh…joking, haha… great joke – I have not seen it a million fucking times before.

  448. Seriously? says:

    I agree, it was clearly aimed only at blokes!

  449. mac says:

    these are definitely photo shopped. Im 100% positive because i have seen some of the real movie posters of these movies and they are different.

  450. What am I 12? says:

    I’m in a strange place. This is the funniest thing I have read in weeks. Was it just unexpected? Or am I really just 12 year old?

  451. Anonymous says:


    why people always have something to tell :)

  452. Chuck says:

    Hilarious, but, alot of them I like, like Transformers and Indy Jones, and Wall-E, and Wall-E has many morals and themes, and its my absolute favorite.

  453. Anonymous says:

    I can’t bnelieve you guys are seriously or even jokingly discussing if these are photoshopped. I’m tired of idiots.

  454. Anonymous says:

    I only saw it because Bud Court was in it. ( Famous for the movie “Harold & Maude” )

  455. zebra cakes says:

    bloody funny

  456. Marga says:

    Seriously, what I’ll never know is why everyone hates “Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”

    Am I the only one who actually liked that movie? I feel really disappointed in society.

  457. Anonymous says:

    ..and almost every commenter on this whole damn site needs to learn to effing spell. Are you all retarded? No wonder western civilization is crumbling. You’re all idiots!

  458. Spiff the Spaceman says:

    I like it a lot, too. However, the poster spoke sooth.

  459. Anonymous says:

    I do agree these people make far too* many spelling mistakes.

  460. Anonymous says:

    a life aquatic was awesome bmurrz was a bonus

  461. Shammeh says:

    Well first of all these are so obviously Photoshopped why would you even bother to point that out. It just takes the Obvious out of the fun. Second of all whats with the language maybe you should refrain from using it so that some other more intelligent vocabulary can enter your mind.. I do agree these people make far to many spelling mistakes And who talks like a want to be gangsta online :S Third of all The best one I think is the Happening its spot on mate good job :) And lastly I would argue with a rock I am that argumentitive :D

  462. Anonymous says:

    i disagree completely with the people that liked transformers. that movie was like one giant advertisement. it was just horrible in every way that should define a movie. if you like CGI than go see it otherwise don’t waste your time

  463. Anonymous says:

    I think this forum is photoshopped. I can tell by the people, er, pixels!

  464. Anonymous says:

    Eastwood could still kick all your bitch asses.

  465. skullfucker says:

    god there are thick fuckers around on the net!!
    are they photoshopped, i think they’re photosopped, i don’t think they’re photoshopped blah blah blah blah. you can all get your photoshop, turn it sideways and stick it right up your candy asses, whoooooooooooooo.

  466. skullfucker says:

    Oh yeah, cool posters by the way!

  467. Please Enter Name Here says:

    hahahahaha this whole photoshopping thing goes back a few pages….nice guys… way to fucking go… “li’ fo real” hahaha

  468. Please Enter Name Here says:


  469. Anonymous says:

    i think the point of making a comment, is to actually talk about the subject not stuoid stuff like “you can’t spell, thisisn’t photoshopped, this is photoshopped, i hate/love/ wanna be gangsta” and other crap that seems to slip out of dumbasses’ mouths. we’ve all established these are photoshopped, so instead of hating on people who frankly are stupid out of their own accord, just talk about something that isn’t gonna make me wanna kill someone. some people in this world are so messed up.

    by the way, the posters are all brilliant, especcialy the sex and the city one, which in reality is a waste of your life watching whiny women. by the way, the names are in the wrong place.

  470. Anonymous says:

    no shit, moron

  471. JoblessPunk says:

    haha! “you’ll see this movie because Bill Murray is in it”
    so true!!

  472. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t this originally a cracked photoshop contest?

  473. Anonymous says:

    no, it’s not true
    if you have taste you have to watch every single wes anderson movie, murray’s just a bonus

  474. Anonymous says:

    bro if u think these are not photo shoped
    you need to go back to school and learn
    some commen sence dum ass

  475. markster says:

    I think these are photoshopped.

  476. Anonymous says:

    Of course they were photo shopped! Did you really think that those were REAL movie posters? Who’s the dumb ass?

  477. Anonymous says:

    you should be a detective caus i thought they were all real

  478. a-weezy says:

    yo, dey commentz yall makin crackin me up, li’ fo real it off da chain yall, keep talkin smack to yall online, li’ fo real, itz laughable as a ma’ fucka. but on da low yall im out, li’ fo real. dueces

  479. Anonymous says:

    obviously they r photoshopped dumbasses, and transformers was good…the rest are spot on

  480. Seriously? says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  481. Anonymous says:

    If your going to complain about spelling i believe that you should use periods. I know that is more of a grammar issue but spelling and grammar go side by side!

  482. Anonymous says:

    how can you tell me to relax when this site killed my grandmother? HUH!?!?!?

  483. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how many people cap on this stuff, and offer such comments like, “get a life”… all I have to say is that humor is for those who can not only recognize it as such but actually posses a funny bone… so, relax and take it for what it is people…

  484. Anonymous says:

    I agree. It’s really annoying when people see something that took a long time to make and say something like “Wow, got a lot of time on your hands?”

    Time is much better spent in front of the tv, clearly.

  485. Justacunt says:

    Walk through the doors? I prefer to open them myself!
    HA HA HA!

  486. Anonymous says:

    they do

  487. javaturtle says:

    This is so true! Poster designers should get paid the big bucks for getting us to walk through the doors. LOL!

  488. Justacunt says:

    You’re bored OF your ass?
    Get a new one, then!

  489. Anonymous says:

    To everyone who posted here, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

  490. Anonymous says:

    Could your sense of entitlement *be* any bigger? Nobody owes you a distraction from your boring life; come up with your own, if you don’t find what you need here.

  491. Anonymous says:

    cut the guy some slack. he’s “bored of his ass”. i think most of us would be “bored of [his] ass” too.

  492. Anonymous says:

    wow ur a doooooooooooooooooooosh bag… this is funny

  493. Anonymous says:

    To whomever wrote the letter “Fuck whoever created this”

    Wow. I mean really, wow. Seriously P-E-T-T-Y. You might want to visit a therapist for that anger management issue. I mean seriously, if you’re life sucks so bad that you really felt the need to pen a ferocious note on a website because you didn’t like the content, then you have a serious problem and no social filter. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it, close the tab.

    I always enjoy (in a terrible kind of way) reading the posts of individuals whose IQ is equal to that of a tub of mayo. Great job.


    Dear whoever made this abomination,
    Please do the world a favor and drink a gallon of bleach. That was the biggest waste of fucking time ever! I am at work bored of my ass and saw the opportunity for something to make me laugh but you turned around and butchered what was potentially a masterpiece. Lame, mundane titles to great movies to bash. Great Job fuckhead, you suck. Become funny and maybe people will enjoy your shit!

  495. Anonymous says:

    dude, wtf were you doing reading the work of a man who should do the world a favor and drink a gallon of bleach who couldn’t entertain the people sneaking off to site like this at work because they were “bored out of their asses” boo bloody hoo

    you = retarded

  496. Anonymous says:

    At work… hm….

    I bet you’re a RAAAAAAAAGE filled thirteen-year-old
    the poo birdy got ya down?

  497. Anonymous says:

    If you’re so bothered about wasting time here, then why are you even posting?

  498. Sidneiads says:

    lol, how much hate. Did you have sex last night?

  499. Anonymous says:


  500. Anonymous says:

    agreed .. life aquatic is one of the best movies of all time. genius script, tight acting, hella stylish production design. tops.

  501. Krylun says:

    I concur. Life Aquatic is a near perfect movie in my book. Down to the anamatronic wildlife. Sure Bill Murray is enough to pull me into the theater, but that whole cast was extraordinay.

  502. Anonymous says:

    Not if you enjoy stylistic character driven movies and dry humor. This was enjoyable all the way through. Not sure how you can say “near perfect” and boring at the same time–this makes no sense.

  503. matyo says:

    i agree with you man.. i love that movie.

  504. Me-Mo says:

    That movie SUCKED,almost as much as Royal Tannenbaums.What a waste of film,and my time.

  505. Anonymous says:

    It may be “near perfect” but it’s as boring as watching paint dry.

  506. Marga says:

    completely and utterly agreed!

  507. Anonymous says:

    life aquatic is the greatest film of all time. get a sense of humor, people

  508. Anonymous says:

    i.e. Posters were funny regardless of whether you liked the films or not.

  509. Anonymous says:

    you are crazy. the acting in that movie is among the most honest of any movie i have seen.

    one of my all time favorites

  510. Anonymous says:


  511. Anonymous says:

    yes you did

  512. Anonymous says:

    it’s an action movie- that’s all i wanted to see! also, that guy is right because giant robots fighting is sick! woo!

  513. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Transformers is wicked awesome. Anyone who disagrees should go back to their soap operas!

  514. Anonymous says:

    All ur mum saw was some idiotic robots u fucking faggot

  515. Anonymous says:

    speaking of soap operas, wasn’t spiderman 3 one? Peter Parker turned into an emo fag …

  516. Anonymous says:

    I like it and I wish I could see it before I waste money. Its funny. As for the nasty comment. Jackasses will be jackasses, epecially when you don’t know who they are. Some guy like that was cussing at me on a 2 way radio one time, when he turned and saw I was walking toward him, he nearly pissed his pants.

  517. Anonymous says:

    ..it made me horny.

  518. Carlos Arandia says:

    Hahaaa great ones, just disagree with the Life Aquatic one.

  519. raghu says:

    dude awesome.. and please guys dont ruin it with your stupid comments

  520. Anonymous says:

    it’s a diaper issue

  521. Anonymous says:

    It is called a waist.

  522. Anonymous says:

    why do you young people leave their ass hanging out of their pants?

  523. @RocknRolli says:

    Why do skinny old men start wearing their pants right below their nipples like Client Eastwood does? ;-)

  524. Anonymous says:

    These are all fantastic.

    My favorite is definitely the Life Aquatic one.

  525. Anonymous says:

    I like Bill Murray, but I saw the movie because Wes Anderson directed it. Enjoyed the sets, costumes, and music but the movie fell short on substance. IMO, Wes Anderson had by that point fallen into a pattern of telling the same story with the same cast over and over again… male character with talents and quirks somehow is missing out on deep family relationship, comes up with a crazy plan to reunite himself with family member, plan screwes up, one member of family probably dies, somehow characters in movie realize that the goals of bringing them together were achieved in a different way they expected. Roll credits.

  526. Anonymous says:

    agreed, what a sh¡t movie

  527. J-Ri says:

    Ha-ha, these are hilarious… and SO true. Great post! :)

  528. Mal says:

    HA! Grammar flame FAIL!

  529. Suckstobeyou says:

    There shouldn’t be a comma after the word ‘sometime’ – WHO’S GRAMMAR IS BAD NOW!?!?! HA HA HA!

  530. TubeSteak says:

    mmmmm that sounds fabulous

  531. Anonymous says:

    the lot of you can lick my ringpiece

  532. TubeSteak says:

    do you, by chance, like balls?

  533. Darksteele says:

    People. Please. No one “stole” the idea for changing the posters for shitty movies to more accurate tag-lines/names.

    I think most people who have even been to the theater have had this kind of idea before. (Such as changing WANTED to DO NOT WANTed or something equally as stupid).

    Unless the “rip off” is the EXACT same image, its not fucking stolen.

  534. Samuel says:

    Dude! I think you’re absolutely right!
    At first sight
    I thought them to be REAL!
    But I was wrong..
    .. and you opened my tired old eyes!
    Oh, this nasty time!
    So many traps, so few time (to learn how to recognize them all)

  535. Anonymous says:


  536. Anonymous says:

    Of course there photoshoped that’s why there “fake movie posters”

  537. Anonymous says:

    yeah, these whoops are so shooped

  538. Anonymous says:


  539. cj, says:

    LOL. you must be pretty smart. i never would have picked it, but then again, i have a sense of humour.

  540. Meni says:

    Are you kidding?

  541. urstupid says:

    you’re also an idiot

  542. Detectivebob says:

    I do believe that these are “photo-shopped”, I’m not entirely sure, but pretty sure. I mean if you look closely… hmm, no wait, uhh… well maybe I should go home and GET MY FUCKIN’ FORENSIC TOOLS BECAUSE I’M AN OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE BITCH!!

    What are these again? ooooh movies, gee wow, I got so caught-up in the photo-shop bull shit I didn’t even notice!

    My spelling rocks yours, go fuck a bull.

  543. Anonymous says:

    You may have correct spelling but your a complete moron and your grammar is terrible. Just saying

  544. Anonymous says:

    Was there a reason behind that illiterate rant?

  545. Anonymous says:

    You are not smart.

  546. Mr Webster says:

    Are you a cast member from that movie Idiocracy?

    Try some punctuation. As a matter of fact, try going to class sometime, instead of hanging out in the parking lot while your boyfriend fingers you.

  547. Anonymous says:

    i like a bunch of these movies but it was funny but some on the pics were kinda dumb but still its ok if ppl have their own oppion i mean come on everyone thinks different.

  548. Oppiowner says:

    Actually It is only OK to have your own oppion if it was acquired from a licensed oppion dealer in the French Republic. In 2007, the French Ministry of Trade banned the export of oppions to the US in response to an epidemic of counterfeit oppions surfacing on the market.

  549. BaCoNfReAk says:

    Cause were plumbers…..

  550. Anonymous says:

    to make you die a little bit on the inside

  551. Mr. Q says:

    “Get off your lawn”? Does your lawn have a vagina that is throbbing?

  552. Spooky says:


  553. Anonymous says:

    It’s spelt syrup, idiot

  554. Anonymous says:

    Classic. Misspelling ‘spelled’ while correcting someone’s spelling.

  555. Anonymous says:

    you should probably learn to spell

  556. anonymous says:

    I particularly enjoy balls

  557. Anonymous says:

    i like them with sirup…

  558. Anonymous says:

    haahhahahahhah i love fights on the internet

  559. Anonymous says:

    ¡Anda y qué te den! Eres un amargado.

  560. Anonymous says:

    Hola a todos. Solo les digo que esta página es mala, su contenido es malo, vi este link porque alguien me lo recomendó y es un completo I-D-I-O-T-A… consíganse una vida y maduren,,, pobre del que perdió su tiempo editando las imágenes de arriba y pobre de mí que lo perdí intentando entender que diablos eran y viéndolas.

  561. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone! I love your website, the content is great, i saw the link and i am a complete I-D-I-O-T… i need to get a life and grow up… to whoever edit the picture thank you for taking the time to do so and i’m sorry for being so stupid because I had a hard time understanding them because I’m retarted.

    Fuck me!

  562. Josh's Sister says:

    Where’s “Identity Crisis” starring Hanna Montana as Miley Cyrus?

  563. dog lover says:

    remember where you use to put me in you?

  564. gay rapist pole says:

    its gay and it rapes

  565. Peen Smalley says:

    I will put something in you again

  566. Adopted Brother called Omar says:

    I need to watch the three amigos again. Timeless!

  567. Your dad says:

    Listen to Josh, now go to your room!

  568. That Guy out side your building who wears hats made of foil says:


  569. Gay Uncle says:

    Ah so that’s where I put that…

  570. neigbour joe says:

    Epic Tread

    now shut up! i’m trying to sleep

  571. Josh says:

    You should be more polite when talking to your mother.

  572. Grandpa says:

    though she called it Charlie Chaplin and put a gearbox on it so that she could crank him and have him vibrate for hours on end.

    me and Charlie got very intamate, i’d be in the pink, Charlie like a soldier would take the stink. BOY HE’S LIKE YOUR SECOND FATHER HE WAS SO CLOSE TO US.

  573. Josh's Brother says:

    Remember that time I walked in on you when you were naked with your predator action figure? Thought I forgot about that, didn’t you? ;)

  574. Fat Ass Aunt says:

    Remember when you used to put in me?

  575. Anonymous says:

    They spelled it like that on purpose retard. You guys are all fucking retarded. No one cares about any of you. No one cares about your opinions either. Wake up.

  576. Anonymous says:

    chicks are for fags.

  577. Macaroni and dick says:

    I use to have two, then pa pa chewed one off when he lost a bet to uncle Loo Loo last year, he’s dead now……..I miss uncle Loo Loo, we use to play “guess whats in my pocket all day”, I never guessed right, but it felt like a warm roll of quarters to me.

  578. TubeSteak says:

    Does anyone here like balls?

  579. Anonymous says:

    Everyone enjoys balls!

  580. Anonymous says:

    ur all fucken idiots

  581. Anonymous says:

    movie sucked, all u see are some idiotic robots :/

  582. Anonymous says:

    i agree with everything but transformers. that movie is sick

  583. be_free says:


  584. Anonymous says:

    A cat is fine too.

  585. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with you on that one.

  586. mark says:

    i dont care

  587. Preck McFeely says:

    I need some advice. My vagina is throbbing. Should I rub it?

  588. Anonymous says:

    Cliterbate away!

  589. Anonymous says:

    finger-bang that vag!

  590. Anonymous says:

    Only if your dad is watching

  591. Anonymous says:

    NOOOOO! Don’t do it! It’s a sin

  592. ROLF says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

    i love the sex and the city one XD

    cause its SOOO true ;D

    and SOOO true about gay jokes XD


    ^^^^ thtas how i found this website XD

    ILY holytaco XD xo

  593. Yasmin says:

    the last poster got me.. SO true haHAAA..!

  594. mr magoo says:

    to “I can’t figure out what i’m doing here” you can’t be a girl, I have never met a girl who is into rambo the god of death.but if you are, where the fuck do you live girl. lol

  595. dasboot says:

    lol, very good article, liked the bill murray one!

  596. Jim says:

    Great idea. I love the one for Sex in the City, most of all. Do more in the future.

  597. Anonymous says:

    my only complaint is that you insulted transformers. that movie was awesome… and i dont see what was wrong with the plot or dialogue. even without those it was the best action movie of the 21st century.

  598. Anonymous says:

    Lol they’re pretty funny..


  599. Anonymous says:

    god some of you ppl seriously need to just lighten up!!!

    I really thought these were funny … even though I absolutely loved Wall-e, I can still laugh at a joke *hint hint* … you were spot on with the Sex and the City poster…. bunch of winny women *shudders*

    Can you send me poster for The Happening? I want to hang it in my office at work… I’m sure this will bring a few lol’s

  600. Yevgeny "Gort" Speckinov says:

    Where dose one buys “Gay Jokes” or “Loud Noises” ? Yes i like tits too and those thing called “balls” where u buy balls too?

  601. Anonymous says:

    2 hours of Whiny White Women – whilst it’s true that the women were white and whiny I though the point of the movie was to advertise designer clothes?

  602. bryce says:

    I am gay!

  603. rich says:

    that’s the funniest shit i’ve seen in days.

    more i say!

  604. I don’t think I ever actually had an ‘original thought’. Now that I think about it, I get an LOL simply when a rational thought enters my mind.

    For what it’s worth, I liked em. Regardless of whose idea it was.

  605. Jimmy Jones says:

    Wow, there is nothing that ticks me off more than a misleading movie poster or trailer!


  606. FunkyMunkey says:

    Haha. I can’t beleive I never twigged on the Three Amigos thing!

  607. haha says:


  608. Anonymous says:

    i hate jews

  609. Anonymous says:

    I think the “nothing is happening” is pretty fucking awesome

  610. GB says:

    I wish everyone was a fag like me

  611. Anonymous says:

    Every girl loves her some tube steak ;)

  612. Anonymous says:


  613. Anonymous says:

    if you’re life sucks so bad

    you mean your life? i don’t think that “you are life” makes any sense.

    before you insult someone else’s intelligence, you should try not to make stupid errors.

  614. Anonymous says:

    So if we’re all morons and meatheads, but yet it’s the funniest thing you’ve seen all day, does that make you pathetic?? Anyways, I enjoyed them, keep it up!

  615. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could give you a thumbs up~

  616. Anonymous says:

    god you guys are all complete MORONS!!! you meatheads. the posters all suck but just reading the lame comments you leave is most hilarious thing ive seen all day. seriously, get a life!

  617. Anonymous says:

    He probably looked up how to spell “intelligent.”

  618. Anonymous says:


    I thought they were great, and I’d love to see more!

  619. Anonymous says:

    Lol, I’m sure this comment makes you feel like you’re intelligent, doesn’t it?

    Also, before you insult someone else’s grammar, maybe you should learn to capitalize certain letters.

  620. Brad says:

    Brad says, “Your intelligence capabilities remind me of the days of yore. You’re a sad excuse for a human being.”

    I used it three times, see what I did there?

    3>2 therefore I win.

  621. Anonymous says:

    made me laugh.

  622. Flonkbob says:

    Hey, I’m going to make a racist anonymous comment too!

    I think most of the members of the HUMAN race are idiots. Ha! Am I in trouble now.

    Oooops, I forgot to sign this as ‘anonymous’. Now you’re all going to know that I think “people is dum”. Oh well.

  623. Anonymous says:

    It’s spelled “Dumb”

  624. Frankie Franchise says:

    Its all relative…

    But I agree actually.

    Transformers was AWESOME. The rest is probably right.

  625. well I guess those should’ve been their title but they change it to make it more interesting..

  626. Anonymous says:


  627. Anonymous says:

    Dude… The Life Aquatic was amazing… I have to admit though, transformers didn’t really have a good plot… And the dialogue was kinda bad… But that’s not what it’s meant for, transformers is supposed to have a dumbass storyline, it’s supposed to be filled with awesome!

    The happening was horrible too…

  628. Fbjoey says:

    This is truly amazing evan if I do love half the films. Extremely clever.

  629. batty007 says:

    These are not photoshopped! These are the real deal! I can’t believe anyone couldn’t see the authenticity oozing from these fake movie posters!

  630. Anonymous says:


  631. Anonymous says:


  632. Man says:


  633. Anonymous says:

    c-c-c-combo breaker

  634. Anonymous says:


  635. Ralli-E says:

    Lol, the first time I saw WALL-E was on E! It was utterly fantastic. I watched it the next day when I was coming down, and the day after that when I got home. Love itttt!

  636. justin says:
    Mom, you have never watched Predator.  And anyway, I couldn’t fit "SO FUCKING AWESOME LARGE GROUPS OF ETHNIC TRIBES SHOULD START WARS WITH EACH OTHER DUE TO DIFFERENCES IN OPINION ON WHICH PARTS WERE MOST AWESOME IN IT," on the poster.  Aesthetically, it wouldn’t have been pleasing.
  637. Your Mom says:

    Aww, what, no Predator?

  638. Bootylam! says:

    They forgot Paul Blart: Mall Cop or God Do We Miss Chris Farley!

  639. Sam says:

    Yes you do.

  640. John says:

    o yea… i forgot

  641. Posters says:

    Haha, those posters are great. Love the Indiana Jones one, soooo true.

  642. no children says:

    easy, (10+0)/2 = 5

  643. ha, good read. I love when you look at the imdb of sex and the city its a 5 something, and when you ask a girl on the street they say its the best movie in the world…hmm…

  644. Lord of Numa says:

    Haha, very funny.

    Except for the Shrek 3 poster and the Tropic Thunder poster, I thought they were all rather clever.

  645. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t they steal all these from Something Awful?

  646. bG says:

    Life Aquatic was an amazing film – I watched it because of Wes Anderson; Bottle Rocket’s the only so-so film he’s done and that was his debut. Based on the Poster I want to see Rambo 4 now!

  647. Anonymous says:

    Cracked me up – great job!

  648. Anonymous says:

    I have two nuts

  649. Anonymous says:

    can someone come over here and rub their dick on my vagina. im hot and im horny.

  650. Anonymous says:


  651. Bong says:

    This is soooo entertaining! LOVL!

  652. Anonymous says:

    My fave was the transformers one. That’s exactly how I feel about it and I’m sick and tired of people calling it amazing. It’s basically periods of watching megan fox, mixed with periods of watchin fireworks. Do get me wrong, I like both those things, but it ain’t a movie.

  653. rewinn says:

    Great posterjobs! Too bad you can’t print them as posters & sell them, “2 Hours of Whiney White Women” would sell a million!

  654. Tom says:

    Just kidding. I do

  655. Anonymous says:


  656. Gray says:

    I never, ever, EVER say this, but LOL!!
    You made my day. :-)

  657. Anonymous says:

    Bullshit I think you say that all the time.

  658. Anonymous says:

    LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  659. Amnnsoyuo says:

    I like the “Nothing is Happening” one, SO true! That movie was a waste of time!

  660. Anonymous says:

    cunt off, don’t be so fucking cynical u twatted arse whore, ur clearly just a twat who loves pointing out flaws to appear more intelligent when clearly ur a fucking idiot, BECAUSE, yes listen up, IT WAS AN EXCELLENT MOVIE, and you know it, if you don’t then you didn’t get it. Oh Yea, and Bill Murray is going to Fuck you while ur sleeping tonight … peace X

  661. Anonymous says:

    He’s a man who’s a bridesmaid, get it?

  662. Anonymous says:

    When there is taco, there is holy.


    Holy Taco.


  663. Anonymous says:

    GET A LIFE MAN (or GIRL)! Some movies are made for entertaiment only!

  664. nice title I think when they actually used those title the movie would even hit more than they did now

  665. Anonymous says:

    mee tooooo, i keep them in the fridge.

  666. DetachablePnis says:

    Big black double sided dildo

  667. Your Grandma says:

    Gawd-dammit Josh, listen to your parents!

  668. Anonymous says:


  669. Anonymous says:

    Photoshopped? what kind of comment is that ? Even the original posters were photoshopped LOL

  670. Andrew says:

    Hehe, I liked the last one best.

  671. Anonymous says:

    well i chuckled!

  672. Anonymous says:

    I liked it

  673. Anonymous says:

    fuck you all mother fuckers

  674. Beelzebozo says:

    Hey! Ive got one! Rush Hour should’ve really been called Some Small Yellow Asian Dude Who Is Stereotypically Good At Martial Arts & Another Black Man Who Is Stereotypically Good At Dancing But Painfully Unfunny.
    Did i win? Feel free to add ur own racial slurs for Film Titles!