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If Only Jurassic Park Was Like This

Jurrassic Park — Ghetto Style – Watch more free videos

Any dinosaur that can scream “AIDS! She got AIDS!” at a girl is a dinosaur that’s OK in my book.

19 Responses to "If Only Jurassic Park Was Like This"

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. dumb shit says:

    if you thought this was unfunny… YOU GOT AIDS BITCH!

  3. Zema says:

    Coulda been funny, but it wasnt.

  4. meow says:

    ya well the two of you that think this is racist because the made the raptors sound black are gay…. you woulda prolly been offended if they made them white too cuz you pull the race card for everything… what you dont see is you dumb asses are more racist to white ppl than we are to u..

  5. these crackers says:

    are funny, crackers crack me up.

  6. meow says:

    see we get called crackers but we cant say the n word its fucking stupid

  7. RAWR!!! says:

    LOL AIDS SHE GOT AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Boxstriker says:

    BTW…. These are black dudes who do these voice-overs! I’m Rick James Bitch!!! Cold……blooded!

  9. Could've been funnier says:

    Would’ve been funnier if when the guy blew into the bone-thing, it sounded like a police siren, instead of that weird noise. And then they ran away.

    I’m not racist.

  10. shiqunta says:

    Saw something like this on http://ghettoredhot.com funny as hell.

  11. buddy says:

    This isn’t even funny – its just some a couple of white dudes talking in some sort of stylized ‘black’ dialect using the N word over and over again – its not even clever – its just highly offensive and exclusionary – if that’s what you were going for, you’ve definitely succeeded…

  12. I'm not your buddy guy says:

    Pull your head out of your arse…….that was funny as hell!

  13. Brendon says:

    Whatever, still funny.

  14. Brendon says:

    One of the raptors sounds like Seth Green.

  15. holycow says:

    i dugg it.

  16. Marcus says:

    That was f’ing hilarious!

  17. I'm not your guy, buddy says:

    I agree with my buddy.

  18. Agreed says:

    Not funny, bunch of racist frat boys doing poor voiceovers make this extra unfunny

  19. AIDS says:

    Agreed got AIDS