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If Steve Jobs Had A Comic Book…

It’s that time again for our weekly installment of “If They Had A Comic Book.” With all the buzz about Apple Products these days, we thought it might be interesting to see how these products come about…from the inside. Click the images if you’d like to make them bigger. Enjoy.


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21 Responses to "If Steve Jobs Had A Comic Book…"

  1. turd burglar says:

    fucking AMAZING.


  2. Apple Fan-Boy says:

    As an Apple Fan-Boy I found this to be hilarious. Not to mention, the deeper, underlying meaning here. Even in the “Holy Taco Spoof Comic Book World,” Steve Jobs (Apple) still reigns supreme and Bill Gates (Microsoft) still sucks horse testicles.

  3. Apple Fan-Boy says:

    As an Apple Fan-Boy I found this to be hilarious. Not to mention, the deeper, underlying meaning here. Even in the “Holy Taco Spoof Comic Book World,” Steve Jobs (Apple) still reigns supreme and Bill Gates (Microsoft) still sucks horse testicles.

    *By the way, I just typed this using my iPhone.

  4. Shooting Smack says:

    Don’t you realize it’s saying something about how Mac users just fall to the trendiness and hype of the i products. All their iphones/ipods are no different than their predecesors and the fanboys fall in love because their mindless willingness to follow a brand. What Microsoft is guilty of is attempting to jump on the bandwagon but failing because they don’t maintain an idiotic fanbase who will buy any expensive useless piece of crap cause it’s newer and hipper.

    Apple fan-boy, you are a perfect example of the mac user. “Mac is cool because it’s not evil like microsoft. Not as corporate…” Rigghhhttt…It’s just hip and cool looking and overpriced. You love the culture status of owning a trendy product not the actual technological advances or usefullness of said product. “Ohhh it’s so cool. Look at the box it comes in. Holy shit look how pretty it is.” Pffttt…

  5. Stevie says:

    Anyone stupid enough to buy the first version of the iGod obviously hasn’t learned anything about Apple. I’m waiting for the 5 terabyte iGod nano cubed in carbon fiber.

  6. IGOD says:

    Obey me sheeplike plebes. You’re gayer than Moses and the Israelites.

  7. Dom says:

    Shooting smack is dead on. In the “comic” when Old Billy boy tries to release the Zufenderfer, people who are there for the microsoft products are smart enough to go, um dude that’s the same shit just with a mustache, an Apple fanboy would go out and spend 500 bucks for the mustache cause it was new and cool.

  8. possumboy says:

    Apple fan boy just proved my opinion that apple fans are idiots.
    I thought so – basically for the exact reason that shooting smack explained.
    They will buy anything made by apple because it’s hip and trendy, despite the fact that it’s over priced and is just as good/ bad as its competitors.

    However the fact that apple fan boy completely failed to see the underlying message here proved it completely.

  9. windows fan-boy says:

    This reminds me of when Microsoft released Windows ME and millions of people went out and bought it even though it clearly was a mustache and beard version of Windows 2000. Actually Windows 2000 was so much of a better system that you could say Windows ME was MISSING the mustache and beard.

    Oh, isn’t it also amazing that our never-lying leaders at Microsoft claim that people are buying millions of copies of Vista which is clearly nothing more than a mustache and beard addition to Windows XP?

    How can that be when Windows fanbois are so much more sophisticated and able to sort the RDF that Microsoftian leaders put out?

    Guys, admit it, Windows fanbois are just as bad (and some of them are worse) than Apple fanbois.

    I’m not saying Apple fanbois are great, I’m just saying Windows fanbois are just as bad.

    And for anyone to point out how bad Apple fanbois and all the while defending Windows fanbois is either a hypocrite or completely dellusional.

  10. This is good stuff! Thanks for the laugh.

  11. linux fan boy says:

    good stuff man. thanks lots for the hilarious comic.
    The comments are as interesting to read too. window fan boys and apple fan boys kicking each others asses.

  12. wow i find it hilarious how much people hate other people who like apple products.

    Most people dont buy it cause its hip/new/trendy. it is simple, easy to use and doesnt come with a UI that is so complicated that it takes forever to accomplish the simplest tasks.

    Apple is the leader in innovation for mp3 players (ipods), laptops (macbook), desktops (imac) and cell phones (iphones). yes you pay a premium for apple products but it is definitely worth the extra cash.
    ex. Macbook Air – thinnest and lightest laptop of its kind.
    ex2. iphone apps allow the user to do pretty much anything with their iphone and with the multi touch screen the internet, photos, games and other apps can be utilized to their full extent.
    ex3. viruses is all i have to say. i have had a mac now for 4 years and not one virus. never going back to PC.
    ex4. environmentally friendly products and manufacturing
    ex5. amazingly simple UI in all apple products that just makes sense.
    im too tired to keep on listing reasons.

  13. Nick says:

    i just made my co-workers jump out of their seats by laughing really hard.

  14. Big-Boy says:

    Best one yet. Keep em coming.

  15. th13rteen says:

    Oh man I’m still laughing my ass off. Nice one. Keep them coming!

  16. fail says:

    different from*

  17. Hilarious :) , I loved Gates on ‘see my face shitbag?’

  18. Pratik says:

    Dammit… when is masturbating going to be cool enough for the pope? =(

  19. That was so hilarious, I just shot an ill-advised three pointer.

  20. The Robot Devil says:

    The oly thing funnier that this is that there are thousands of people were willing to stand for hours on line and agree to pay AT&T out the wazoo for 2 years just to buy one.

  21. Spoon says:

    … iGod. /i/God. -_-