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If Summer Movie Posters Were Honest

This summer is packed with huge blockbuster movies, but how do you know which films are a must-see and which ones are complete crap? Sometimes it’s impossible to tell, but one thing’s for sure: it would be a hell of a lot easier if movie posters were honest. Here’s what that would look like:


39 Responses to "If Summer Movie Posters Were Honest"

  1. pratik says:

    Did they start teaching computer classes at the special ed schools today? Because I think some of them found their way to this site, judging from Carmine’s and CJ’s posts.

  2. Carmine Fuccabutto says:

    Yous mom is a whooer

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  4. Salad Days says:

    Well done, HT!

  5. ProMovieBlogger says:

    Hilarious. Well done.

  6. Dwight K. Schrute says:


    Sarah Jessica Parker= horse face

  7. eBay Selling says:

    The A-Team is going to be the show for me.

  8. DonkeyXote says:

    I don’t know what you fuckwits are talking about. Sarah Jessica Parker fucking turns me on!

  9. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:


    PS: Dwight, shut the fuck up and stop recyling my lines, you pussy!

  10. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    -7 for copyright.

    Owww… BURN!!!!!

  11. Phil Jonesâ„¢ says:

    How true. I would Shrek all of your mouthes…with my Ogre sized ding dong.

  12. SeattleRain says:


  13. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    - infinity for stupidity

    Ohhh shit! PWNED.

  14. Ras Kalonji says:

    Wa’gwan batty bwoys ? Me see fi de nuh weak inna de making funny jokes. Dis site fi come to its end. Bumbaclot !


  15. Anonymousjones says:

    are the last two posters retarded?

  16. V. says:

    Good Gallery, The Twilight one was the best

  17. pratik's sister says:

    first biaztcheszz

  18. Ben Affleck says:

    It would have been kind of you to post the old and horny one last so we wouldn’t have to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s hideous, grotesquely deformed face when we visit the home page. Why, I am not certain if there is a woman alive that is uglier than she. Jabba the slut is less revolting.

    but lol to the rest of them.

  19. bronzelike says:

    It’s too bad the guy who made these is functionally illiterate.

  20. Mosso says:

    nah, theyre just black.

    Boom, roasted.

  21. Ghost says:

    You’re not funny. Your lines suck.

  22. GoFuckYourself says:

    But that’s because you like trannies

  23. Jim Woods says:

    Wow, aint that the truth! Well said dude.


  24. Nev says:


  25. JRogue says:

    Hi-larious. Especially the SATC poster. Do one for Get Him to the Greek. I can’t wait to pee my pants watching that one.

  26. clinton says:

    Great use of google by an idiot

  27. Earl Barrett Princeton Jr. says:

    We do not choose the way of life but we do choose the way we die – Iddeus BC 442

    In the midst of life we is in death – Veronicus BC 378

    Weakness compels strenght , betrayal begets blood – Empedokles BC 280

    Great quotes by great philosophers.

  28. your death says:

    you are a waste of the oxygen that i’m not breathing. stop it. die.

  29. Tiny Dickman says:

    aaacutally those are all terrible, once again justin, YOU FUCKING SUCK, FUCK YOU!EAT SHIT!

  30. Earl Barrett Princeton Jr. says:

    “Gaze into the abyss and the abyss will gaze back at yous” – Xiu Wang Dang Poon

    Inferior imbecilles learn from thy masters quotes !

  31. Dr. Spawk says:

    “Those who forget the past are domed to reapeet it.” -Jorge Satanaya

  32. Mmhmm! says:



    “Those who forget the past will suddenly turn into the Taj Mahal.”

  33. dizzle says:

    “those who eat taco bell, shall use the bathroom frequently” dizzle

  34. Carmine Fuccabutto says:

    I’ve had it with yous fucking stunads , pezzo merda ! Sfaccim.

    This site is full of schifosas and cocksucking finocchios.

    Yous about to get wacked .

  35. CJ Da Rillest Gangsta says:

    Sup y’all ? Watz crackalackin witcha cracker ass cracker asses yooo ? Newayz you niggaz is mad wack ait ? Stop fakin da funk and start biggin it up and keepin shiiyat real ait niguhs ?
    Cuz we brothaz iz mad tired of this site.

    Earl you got da whitest name i’ve heard of , you some sorta slave owner or shit ? Newayz you wan drama we’ll bring it fuck yo and yo fuckin mama , we gon kill all yall biyatchezz

    Rollin in my 64 with yo mama suckin on my monster cock !

  36. Anonymously says:


  37. Burrito Gonzalez says:

    Not bad, Holy Taco. Not bad.

  38. Price says:

    Lol nice :D

  39. Suck_it says: