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If The 2008 Presidential Election Were An 80s Sitcom

If The 2008 Presidential Election Was A Sitcom – Watch more free videos

If you read this site with any sort of frequency, you know we love opening credits sequences to 80s sitcoms. And since the best characters on television this year are the ones running for office, we decided to see what they might look like in the opening credits of their own television show.

4 Responses to "If The 2008 Presidential Election Were An 80s Sitcom"

  1. Nickjaa says:

    this was so good. i watched it a zillion times. i don’t care how old it is.

  2. quarrygirl says:

    that was genius. pure genius.

  3. gstar says:

    when Alan Thicke is involved, nothing can go wrong.

    Gas prices skyrocketing? Economy a bust? The world hates the US? One guess who the government ISN’T asking advice for all of this. Make the call, government… make the call.

    Dr. Jason Seaver awaits.

  4. Crock says:

    Damn your incredibly hummable theme song. Damn it all to hell.