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If The Prostitute Gets Tired, Shoot Her

I’ve never purchased the services of a prostitute, but I guess there are a few points of negotiation that need to be agreed upon before the coitus can commence. Positions and type are probably no brainers, but one obvious point that most Johns forget to bring up is the length of time you will use her services. According to the MercuryNews.com:

A 20-year-old man shot a prostitute in the back because she got tired after having sex for 10 minutes, according to a recently released search warrant.

Ryan Graham and the victim agreed to a deal of $20 for sex in the west alley of the 200 block of T Street in Bakersfield on Sept. 17, police said.

The 26-year-old woman got tired after having sex for 10 minutes in the vehicle, according to the court document. The suspect got mad and shot her in the back as she left the vehicle, the document says.

The woman suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to Kern Medical Center, the warrant said. She was not identified because she fears for her safety.

You know your life has taken a serious turn into the shitter when you A) are having back alley sex with whores, B) are so bad at sex that $20 whores can’t even fake it and get “tired”, and C) shoot whores. The next time you get a little too worried about your 401k or your job or whatever is bothering you, just take a moment to realize that you aren’t Ryan Graham. That should really put things in perspective.

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One Response to "If The Prostitute Gets Tired, Shoot Her"

  1. Pratik says:

    10 minutes? He must’ve been mauling her like a lion or something. But then again, I doubt you’ll get a good show from a $20 hooker.