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If Tom Cruise Had A Comic Book

24 Responses to "If Tom Cruise Had A Comic Book"

  1. Anonymous says:



  2. Peter says:

    It’s funny when it’s Tom Cruise.

  3. Tom Cruise says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Very funny.

    You won’t be laughing when this website disappears tonight.
    Know that you are being watched very closely.
    Because I know.

  4. Dixon says:

    omfg that was friking hilarious!

  5. notalemming says:

    Great stuff, if there’s a group that needs criticism its the greedy Scientology tools like them.

    “Its really not funny when you imply someone is a racist, and they’ve done nothing to warrant this title.”

    Maybe so, but what they have done is severely abuse children by way of intense indoctrination and slaveery rather than education, so they’re getting off easy with being called racists, to me it seems like they’re fittingly being called mentally challenged anyway.

  6. Nick says:

    AAAAAAAHAHAHA! NO! Thats too funny!

    Tommy cracks me up..

  7. andrea says:

    Does this comic book make sense? Love Tom Cruise,,,he is great!!!

  8. PhiLLy in DaLLaS says:

    hilarious!!! I was unaware Will Smith is into scientology, learn something new every day.


  10. NYHick says:

    Keeping the Jews out is one thing, keeping the fatties out is much more practical. They’re lazy ones I tell you….


  11. Mackie says:

    Freakin’ hilarious!

  12. xENU says:

    So is Will allready converted??

    Sad that so many people is praising a creapy guys lsd trip :)

  13. F says:


  14. jewblowme says:

    tom is a flaming freak homo who hates normal people. what has hollywood done to this boy?

  15. Laughing Squid says:

    I believed him also!1

  16. todd says:

    That shit is hilarious

  17. Dom says:

    You have to keep these going. They are funny as hell.

  18. Drew says:

    f’in brilliant!!!

  19. Gainer says:


  20. El Rico says:

    But isn’t Will Smith’s real name Wilberg Smithsteinbergman?

  21. Ali says:

    LOL! That’s fucking hilarious!

  22. T&T says:

    hahaha, but no jews… haha


  23. Netmonger says:

    Its really not funny when you imply someone is a racist, and they’ve done nothing to warrant this title.