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If TV Shows Had Truthful Titles

12 Responses to "If TV Shows Had Truthful Titles"

  1. Anonymous says:

    you should do standup with material like that

    big bang theory, yeah right

  2. Kevin says:

    @ commenter talking about Big Bang Theory:

    I agree that it’s written FOR smarter people, but I wouldn’t exactly say the show is ‘well written’. The only reason it’s funny to nerds like us is because we’ll laugh at anything that references things we know.

    They just take smart-sounding shit from Wikipedia and say it on the show, then have the girl make a confused face because OMG she doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and then a laugh track plays. That’s the entire show.

    Unfortunately, I like it and have seen every episode. But I won’t defend it as actually funny, it just speaks to how easy it is to please people on TV.

  3. Redrum says:

    And you’re buying that B.S.? You think they’d say anything else? I can’t believe there are actually nimrods who still watch that show.

  4. Pratik says:

    Should the truthful title of “Friends” be something like “Real life, but without having to pay bills and rent or have a real job or being overweight and stuff…”?

  5. richard bunnell says:

    the digital short is just as shitty as the rest at times even shittier

  6. Whodat says:

    Dancing With People Who Been Washed Up For Years…..goddamn…hahaha, my only exception is Warren Sapp, I think that big bad muthafucka just did it for the money cuz his agent told him to

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t watch most of these shows and several I have no idea what they are, even. BUT, boy do I agree with the dancing with the stars bit.

  8. Anonymous says:

    whats wrong with heroes ???

  9. Anonymous says:

    ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is probably the only show that’s actually well-written for people who operate on a higher intellectual and intelligence level than the average populous of TV viewers.

    Futurama has its moments of intelligence, but it still appeals to an under 15 audience at the same time so it’s not nearly as credible.

  10. Matt says:

    The “Lost” one is completely ridiculous.

    The producers and writers of “Lost” have had the show planned out since the beginning. They’ve said this numerous times during interviews. But nice try. LOL.

    The “Grey’s Anatomy” one’s pretty funny, though :)

  11. Tom says:

    What about Tom Bergeron, hosting
    “America’s Stupidest F@cking Idiots”