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16 Responses to "PedOlympics"

  1. philosopher's mom says:

    i remember when my son got r.p.d

  2. Noel Russell says:

    You fuckers should have the FBI informed on you for promoting this disgusting crap, you don’t even present it has a discussion topic, maybe it’s time to review the motivations of your staff or who ever posted this promotion.

  3. Jacwing says:

    LOL – in my country that picture was in one of newspapers, as oficial olympics mascots :O


  4. Improbable says:

    /b/ PREVAILS

  5. beer bottle bong says:


  6. Grundle King says:

    Are you fucking serious?! HOLY SHIT!

  7. mezzaninex says:

    He’s Pedobear. He rapes children. It’s fucking hilarious.

  8. Cassak says:

    Go fuck yourself troll.

  9. Mr. Beaner says:

    I Don’t Get It. And What’s With The Fucking Bear On The Right? I’ve Seen The Shit-Tard Everywhere.

  10. Barack H. Obama says:

    You may also recognize this as DondeXote and family.

  11. pratik says:


  12. Atyourmamashouse says:

    What the hell is supposed to be so funny about this pic? OR…is it supposed to be sexy? (fap, fap, fap, fap…)

  13. Daisies says:

    Not much difference is there

  14. the gingless souler says:

    yeah, what the fuck?

    we`re a bunch of retards, HT, don`t give us this high society bullshit. does it have something to do with pedofiles?

  15. shit sock says:

    pedobear, classy what next anal rapeasourarse

  16. Digg says:

    IT’S A TRAP!