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If Zillow Could Be Used For Everything

Zillow.com, the website that tells you how much a house is worth, now has a new iPhone app that lets you see what any nearby house will cost you. So, we wondered what it would be like if you could use this new Zillow app for anything.
A Prostitute:
zillow, funny, honest, prostitute, worth
A Night Out At The Bar:
zillow, honest, bar, drinking, pants
A Baby:
zillow, baby, funny

A Meal At Arby’s:
zillow, arby's, funny
A Work Meeting:
zillow, real estate, truthful
A Trip To Detroit:
zillow, detroit, funny
A Washington Nationals Game:
zillow, washington nationals, baseball, funny
World Of Warcraft:
zillow, world of warcraft

22 Responses to "If Zillow Could Be Used For Everything"

  1. rgar says:

    I often sigh from content when I visit Holy Taco because the stupidity I encounter while reading comments on this site can be just as funny as the web site itself.

  2. CHAPIN100% says:


  3. Redrum says:


  4. Dom says:


    Also with the baby, you couldn’t be closer to the truth. Marriage doesn’t ruin sex, babies do.

  5. Buddy Ice says:

    You should have an iPhone pointing at another iPhone and it should say”

    Having an iPhone
    Estimated cost: Always looking like a trendy douche when you talk on your phone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Someone has iPhone envy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s not a cost you douche bag. Also dont be jealous just because your food stamps wont pay for an iphone

  8. Buddy Ice says:

    I already said the word douche in my comment, at least have an original adjective to describe someone when you’re trying insult them back.
    So what happened? You spent all your money on your iPhone and didn’t have any left over to buy some originality?

    Ohhhhhh snap, I win.

  9. Mr.NoMoniker says:

    haha, yes! Shartburn.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Amen brother

  11. Anonymous says:

    I must thank you for introducing me to the term “shartburn,” which is most certainly going to find its way into heavy rotation in my vocabulary at once.

  12. Anonymous says:

    …and the punctuation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the capital N at the beginning of your sentence.

  14. T BONE says:

    lmao. nice one

  15. Edwordrules says:

    LOL, i like the WoW one.
    I sit next girls in my home economics class all the time

  16. Bob says:

    next semester jackass take an English class

  17. Oatmeal says:


  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ, word. Amen, brother, Amen.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yes you look like a douche when talking on your iphone, and yes marriage is a big FU@#$%#$ING mistake. Don’t do it.

  21. Kendall Graves says:

    You should take a picture of your own butthole and say… cost…likeing women…cause wants you see your own butthole, something few have ever done…you want to fuck it…and anything that looks like it.

  22. jim duggan says:
    Is there an app to let you know when you’ve had to many drugs??? Watch Macho Man Randy Savage Smoke Salvia… AND FREAK THE #@$% OUT: