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I’ll Be Back…for Some More Jalapenos


10 Responses to "I’ll Be Back…for Some More Jalapenos"

  1. B.A. Barracus says:

    Maria Shriver is like the woman Jerry Seinfeld dated that only looks good in certain light. Sometimes she’s a babe, sometimes she’s Skeletor.

  2. Manicotti says:

    And in this picture, she looks something like Chucky.

  3. Chucky says:

    Don’t judge me.

  4. TannerW says:

    Get to the slap choppa!

  5. Arnie Goes NOM NOM NOM says:

    Arnies duaghter . . . would get it.

  6. gayo@nom.ccp says:

    only thing you would get is his son fag

  7. Great Trolling Douche says:

    out of all the Arnold quote you could have pulled from you decide to go with the ‘fag son’ bomb. You my friend are a douche. You hope he gets the son so theres one less dick in your mouth faggit.

  8. justin says:
    I would’ve gone with "Arnie’s Daughter: remember when I said I was going to bone you last? I lied."
  9. TannerW says:

    Who is ya daddy, and what does he chew?

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    I hope you leave enough room for my fist, ’cause I’m going to ram it in your stomach!!