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I’ll Give Her a Ride, If You Know What I Mean! (take her from point A to point B)


33 Responses to "I’ll Give Her a Ride, If You Know What I Mean! (take her from point A to point B)"

  1. not your mother says:

    Who is this!!

  2. GG says:

    stefi on the road W4b

  3. Chickon's a fag!!! says:

    …….really, he’s a fag. These tits are nice and firm, just perfect size for her body, and the “plastic surgery” that she’s had (if any), was worth it cause she’s become one HOT ASS bitch!!! If you want something all natural that hangs, I got something for you, you piece of shit. GOD!!! Just thinking about you sucking my dick, IT MAKES ME SICK!!! You fuckin fag!

  4. DaddyCool says:


  5. DaddyCool says:

    See this to

    Hot Model Shannon Czyz topless- Sexy body booty and Boobs

  6. Bradford says:

    Screw the, “no hitchhikers,” rule. How far you goin, angel?

  7. Chickon says:

    Must all American girls have plastic tits & a tramp stamp? what’s up with that?

  8. MoM says:

    Ideally, yes.

  9. Dr. Pepper says:

    Testing out that theory requires you to get close to an actual girl. I have a feeling it will remain a hypothesis.

  10. Christel says:

    Ein Kompliment für diese tolle Seite.
    Eigentlich bin ich durch Zufall darauf gestoßen und dachte mir,
    einen netten Eintrag und viele Grüße zu hinterlassen.
    Vielleicht schauen sie mal auf meiner Homepage vorbei!

    Willkommen im Urlaub an der Ostsee oder Nordsee!


  11. AnonymousDude says:

    tramp stamp goes on the lower back.

    but yes, tramp stamps and plastic tits make females better human beings

  12. Koloss says:

    Why do they even bother with the bikini anymore.

    You couldn’t cover a fly with the fabric on that, just go around naked already.

  13. Chickon says:


  14. Chickon says:

    I’m 98% sure she has one on her lower back as well.
    Man these American plastic surgery fabrications freak me out… might as well have been a dude…
    And it’s obvious she had absolutely no tits before her surgery, those things wouldn’t even move if you hit them with a sledgehammer.

  15. BeArRuStLeR says:

    In her face, twice.

  16. say... says:

    she’s gorgeous.

  17. Basement Badass says:

    Looks used up. No thanks.

  18. Realism says:

    Worst case scenario even if it was used up, who could resist suckin her tits?

  19. splix says:

    Nice pic, of course, i made my own search for the rest of pics and she´s really nice.

  20. Gayism says:

    This dude has an oral fixation.

  21. Sara says:


  22. Katie says:

    microbikini without being japanese.


  23. This Looks Shopped says:

    The Tattoo looks shopped.

  24. Nope says:

    Who is this?

  25. Nope says:

    who is this?

  26. Stuart Hannig says:

    I can see a penis. you guys are gay. she’s so ugly.

  27. The Token Gay Guy! says:

    I would… I bet she’s longer than you little boy! MUAH!

  28. i says:

    yea stuarts right… shes hiding it under that huge bikini

  29. Why says:

    Why would you be looking for a penis?

  30. Couriers says:


  31. Melrich says:


  32. yarp says:


  33. some asshole says:

    seco… wow thats hot