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I’m Guessing They Were Parking Tickets

From Reuters:

“Palermo – A top Mafia boss swallowed secret notes with names and telephone numbers just before he was shot dead by police this week, officials said on Wednesday.”

Why would you eat the notes, when you could just burn them?  If I was there, the following conversation would have taken place.

Don Emanuello: I’ma gonna eat-a these notes so’s-a no one can-a ever see them!

Me: But Don Emanuello, why can’t we just burn them.  I have a lighter right here.  That’s just silly to eat them.

(Awkward silence, no one making eye contact with me)

Me: Ha, you know what?  I don’t even know what I’m saying.  I was talking about some other stuff…that wasn’t…yeah……  Hey pass me some of those delicious notes so I can put them in my sausage calzone!

One Response to "I’m Guessing They Were Parking Tickets"

  1. flipper says:

    silly how? like a clown silly? am I a clown because I eat notes?