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I’m a Simple Woman Who Wants Her Salad Tossed

Most ecards you get are from your mom and they consist of cartoon puppy dancing around a birthday cake and singing “Happy Barkday”. Someecards.com saw that there weren’t electronic greetings that spoke to the common man. So they did something about it.

Instead of the schmaltzy pap you get from elderly family members and friends you don’t like, they realized that sometimes you want to tell a pal that you’d like to get “pants shitting drunk tonight.” Other times you’d like to apologize for “Either Giving or Getting Genital Warts” from a female visitor.

On special occasions, you might just feel like letting everyone know what day it is.

The next time you have something to say, say it with a someecard. Because calling them would mean you care.

3 Responses to "I’m a Simple Woman Who Wants Her Salad Tossed"

  1. Avenir says:

    I recomend this site.
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    Thank :( Carlen.

  2. Sabrinasexxy says:

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