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India Has A VERY Special Olympics

Alright, I can roll with the first few competitions I saw on here, like the pulling stuff with your teeth, and the sledge hammer on the dude’s chest. Those at least have concepts I can grasp. But someone please explain to me, what the hell was going on in that event at the end, where the one guy sitting down had a rod going into his crotch being pushed on at the other end by another dude who was only using his chest? How do you score points in that event? Or is it like figure skating, where it’s all about style and power? If so, is there a tough Russian judge who always gives people a 2.75? I need answers people, and I’m lazy. Someone look this up for me.

5 Responses to "India Has A VERY Special Olympics"

  1. chad says:

    ok…, first…. i think i personally could read copy better than this old hag can….

    second……. I think …….. ummmmmm…. i dunno…. (I guess i feel bad at the moment and cant make fun of these people).

  2. SW says:

    It’s called Crotch Jousting. You guys are so ignorant of the ways of the world.

  3. Captain Danger says:

    I think that event is mentioned earlier in the piece “bending a metal pole with your neck” that seems to be what he is doing.

    Not sure why one end has to be jamed in a guys balls, perhaps it is a team sport like curling. Instead of a broom guy you have the ball guy.

  4. MattM says:

    –”It’s called Crotch Jousting.”–

    Typical Americans, with no sense of the majesty and beauty of foreign sports. Go back to your “baseball” and “hockey.” I’ll join my Indian friends for a solid round of “Rod Rodding” any day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    all of a sudden i have a second bellybutton.who sponsors the rod-rodding event- planned parenthood?