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Ines Sainz Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Ines Sainz is one of Mexico’s hottest reporters who recently got sexually harassed by the New York Jets players that has sparked a nation wide scandal.  But apparently she’s accepted coach Woody Johnson’s apology.  But God will never apologize for creating an ass like that.
Pointless Quote: "Now he make everyone respect the woman."


9 Responses to "Ines Sainz Pictures"

  1. Sketh says:

    LoL nice

  2. Fister says:

    “I am going to teach men to respect women! Oh and check out my new spread in Beef Curtains Magazine.” She is a hottie though.

  3. Nameless says:

    Already tired of this chick though I’ll still look at her ass.

    Stay out of f*cking locker rooms.

  4. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    viva mexico cabrones

  5. Puff says:

    It is a thing of beauty, shame about her face though… But somehow I don’t think any guy would spend too long looking at it.

  6. Ass Man says:

    Her ass is far and away her best feature and you guys didn’t even show it off. Just look at this thing. LOOK AT IT:


  7. Sketh says:


  8. lucyparker says:

    Football Reporter Ines Sainz Uncensored Pictures Here:


  9. PO says:

    Keep the boarders open cause she is hot