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Infuriatingly Talented Kids

Talented Kids

One thing that truly infuriates adults who have spent their lives failing at things is incredibly talented kids. You can go ahead and assume that this article was written out of spite and frustration, and that I, the author, am rather immature. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at some videos of really talented kids and make fun of them!

First up is little prodigy Dhanat Plewtianyingthawee, an artist, a violinist and an asian. Only two of those things should surprise you. See how he plays that violin with adult-like intensity? He’s been doing it since he was three, and he’s seven in that video. I was still eating paste and picking my nose at seven. If only my parents could’ve afforded a tiny violin.

Next up is Connie Talbot, a six year old British girl who’s amazing voice will make you spill your Earl Grey. It’s really hard to an adorable talented little girl to make myself feel better, so I’ll just have to take solace in the fact that once her adult teeth come in, things will probably take a dive.

Ok, Julian Pavone, you can play the drums and you’re only four. But in my defense, I never tried to play the drums when I was four because I was still shitting my pants. Hopefully, I’ll run into you at guitar center one day and cut in to your “looking cool” time by asking you a question about cymbals or something banal.

I will never challenge Lucciano Pizzichini to a shred off, because I’d lose, and so would you. Things are going great now, but if this kid’s not careful, he may end up heir to the Esteban throne. That’s a big puffy shirt to fill.

Dance Miles Brown, dance. While you still can, before the perils of adult life take hold. I’d love to find time to dance but I’m to busy avoiding my landlord and dealing with pregnancy scares.

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