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Inner Monologue of an Office Employee on Free Donut Day

Hmm, free donuts, huh?  I wonder if that means that something bad is about to happen.  Like, "Sorry, you’re getting laid off.  Have a donut."  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Well, anyway, I might as well take one of these babies.  Let’s see, there’s the chocolate with sprinkles, and there’s a chocolate without sprinkles.  Well, why wouldn’t you choose the one with sprinkles if you have the option?  I can’t think of a single good reason.  This chocolate donut with sprinkles looks totally manhandled, though.  Look at this: there’s, like, a finger indent on the top of it.  It’s pretty obvious that somebody just poked their whole finger into this donut.  I was probably Dennis in accounting.  I f*ckin’ hate that guy.  Always laughing, and adding things.  He knew I was going to narrow it down to the chocolate with sprinkles donut, and he deliberately sabotaged me.  What a dickbag!  Well, I got news for you, Dennis: I’m not gonna play your game.  I’m not taking that donut.  What are you gonna do now, Dennis?!  What are you gonna do now?!!

Ooh, maybe I’ll just have a jelly-filled donut instead.  It’s always so hard to tell what’s in these, though.  You have to touch the little leaky hole on the side and then taste your finger to see what it is.  I wonder how many people have already done that this morning.  Dennis probably has, that dickbag.  What a dickbag that guy is.  Seriously.  Oh, shit, Stacey the receptionist just came into the break room.  Holy balls, is she hot.  Okay, she’s coming over toward the donuts.  Don’t panic. Stay calm. Try not to sweat. Whichever donut she chooses, I’ll choose the same kind.  Then she’ll think that we have some kind of bond.  Yeah, then she’ll start to notice me!  Oh, that’ll be great!  In a few years, we’ll be married, and have some kids, and live in a cool house and bone each other non-stop, and it’ll all be because of this one, singular moment, at the donut table, when I decided to—-
What the f*ck?!  What the f*ck was that?!!!  Did she just tear a piece off of a donut and leave the rest there?  You can’t do that!  You can NOT f*cking do that!!  If you choose a donut, you dedicate yourself to that donut, and you eat the whole damned thing!  That’s just common donut etiquette!!  What kind of a donut whore are you, Stacey?!!  Forget it!  I will not spend the rest of my life with a breakfast pastry slut like that.  I deserve better!  I deserve….that bearclaw right there.  Oh, the bearclaw.  It’s not as good as the other donuts, but it’s always larger.  Quantity over quality, that’s the bearclaw’s game.  God dammit.  I swear they just bring these free donuts in here to stress us out.

12 Responses to "Inner Monologue of an Office Employee on Free Donut Day"

  1. The Dude says:


  2. the db says:

    i hope dennis died on his car ride home that day

  3. MissingNo says:

    LOL good stuff

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, so it appears links have been disabled in comments. WAS THAT SO FUCKING HARD, HOLY TACO?!?

    Anyway, guess you & all the other spamming cumstains can go ahead and kill yourselves.

  5. cookiecool says:

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  6. nick says:

    what a pastrie slut..u should have taken the rest of the donut and threw it in her face and say “eat it you hot bitch i think about at night during my ‘alone time’ yah!”

  7. Greenman says:

    I cannot believe what that whore did with that donut.

  8. philosopher says:

    why is it that all of these inner monologues sound like they they are about people who are crackheads… and they just ran out of crack?

  9. booo captcha says:


  10. NinJay says:

    Always laughing and addind things??? Ahahahaha

  11. Smokey says:

    lol, good stuff
    Stacey really is a donut whore