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An Interview With Shit My Dad Says

As many of you already know, our former Managing Editor, Justin Halpern, is the creator of the shitmydadsays twitter, which became an overnight Twitter sensation and led to a book deal (buy it here!) and a television pilot starring William Shatner. I sat down with Justin recently to talk shit…mydadsays. Here’s how it went down:

Here’s a link to Halpern’s favorite HT Article, The Anal Sex to Chili’s Analogy.
Here’s a link to the story of Halpern’s dog shitting on another dog’s back.

15 Responses to "An Interview With Shit My Dad Says"

  1. Not Justin says:

    bananas are nice too!!!

  2. Anonymously ill says:

    You’re a kiss-ass faggot.

  3. Johnny Wickham says:

    I agree with Cory.

  4. justin says:
  5. Cory Jones says:

    Of course. Holy Taco only hires unfunny people now.

  6. Ace says:

    I agree, I think that was my favorite article/series on HT, too. It was hilarious, and also filled a void of curiosity that I think we’ve all had about that site.

  7. Justin Halpern says:

    You’re right. That was the greatest thing we ever did. I stand corrected. We had to pull it after Noah started getting crazy threats from people that wanted to fuck/kill him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for 2yrs and never realized Justin is THE JUSTIN from Shit my dad says…wtf
    Justin HT needs you back!!
    BTW, best article/story is Intern signing up on FriendFinder.com

  9. Long John Silver says:

    Since Captain Kirk will be starring in Halpern’s new show, they really should change the name to “Shit My Shat Says”.

  10. Dallas Cris says:

    So I can stop watching “How I met your mother” cause this new show wont have a laff track.

  11. pratik says:


  12. Robert Paulsen says:

    Loved it. Also, I have bitch titts.

  13. Ring YToyo says:

    ROTFL, dude no way man thats just too funny. LOL


  14. EL POOKADOR says:

    too much to read plus not funny

  15. God's left nut says: