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Invisible Cinnabon


12 Responses to "Invisible Cinnabon"

  1. invokes krech says:

    shit’s usually funnier when you haven’t already posted it as some other shit.


  2. That's what she says:

    Is that Tim Tebow?

  3. The guy from digg says:

    These comments suck

  4. Shrekken says:

    It wasn’t until you said “his balls” that I realized that subhuman failure was a man. Way to go, fat tits, way to go.

  5. The Invisible Man says:

    Well actually, I never said anything about “his balls”, but at least we all know where your mind was when you wrote this you queer!

  6. The Invisible Man says:

    Actually, I cannot allow some fucking mall-food to take the credit for some art that was essentially created by me. This photo was taken while I had my cock in this fat bastards mouth.
    -If you’ll notice, his hands are busy massaging my balls!!!

  7. Obie says:

    Not first!

  8. muahahaha says:

    yeah, I AM!!! fucking douchebag

  9. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    No I am! You numb tarts.

  10. Modest says:

    Numb fart number 1 checking in.

  11. Master Of None says:

    i hate all these meme motovational posters, they’re just not funny anymore.

  12. What everyone else is thinking says:

    You are not funny. Anything you say causes people to hate you. My neighbors cat just had kittens and, although they look like you, they don’t like you. Please die and let the world breathe just a bit easier.