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Is Chelsea Clinton A Russian Bride?

Svetlana Medvedev is the going to be the new Russian first lady this May, but I couldn’t help notice her uncanny resemblance to former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. I’m not sure if it’s the jowely face or the extra wide fish mouth or the power-hungry glint in their eyes that makes them look like sisters, but whatever it is, it’s freaking me out.

If Hillary gets back in the White House, I hope Svetlana and Chelsea pull some wacky Parent Trap-style caper where they switch roles and start an earth-annihilating nuclear war.  That would be hilarious.

3 Responses to "Is Chelsea Clinton A Russian Bride?"

  1. Alex says:

    Svetlana looks like a porn star (humongous tits). I would do her (MILF material).

  2. Tim says:

    Its Medvedjeva, not Medvedjev.

  3. Thrush says:

    Something about Chelsea, I’d hit it.