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Is This Photo Saying What I Think It’s Saying?

peeing, balls

OK OK, jeez. I won’t pee anywhere near there. I promise. Just put the scissors away.

5 Responses to "Is This Photo Saying What I Think It’s Saying?"

  1. KeeblerKahn says:

    Jeez, you pee in the ball pit ONE time at Chuckie Cheese and everyone has to over react. Like that was the first time those balls were ever peed on.

  2. waterypoo says:

    no its saying don’t pee and ill make you some eggs.

  3. Jeez says:

    Who the fuck uses the word jeez?

  4. Devin Smith says:

    I love big big cocks. Mmmmm, I can’t get enough of them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    jesus h fucking christ!

    “photo is currently unavailable”

    the photo says exactly what you think