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It’s October! It’s Halloween! It’s a Scare Contest on Break.com!

Halloween fast approaches and lord knows if you’re on the internet, you better be in the mood for Halloween themed chicanery all month long.  Otherwise, go back to books, grandpa.  If you want to make a fast $1000, read on!

To celebrate their season, our benevolent overlords at Break, who allow us to run Holy Taco from the boiler room, are running a Scare Contest.  What’s a scare contest?  It’s a contest where you do something scary…ya know?  Moving on.


If you want to enter, check out this link and start pondering ideas for a decent scare you can catch on tape.  If your video gets featured on Break, it’s worth $1000 to you, which is more money than our intern will see in 6 months!


Not sure what kind of video to feature?  Break has you covered there, too.  Check out this video and see what pops up in the ol’ noggin’

Break2019s 2011 Halloween Scare Contest – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Enter soon and you could be spending $1,000 on delicious corn nuts.  You’re gonna buy corn nuts, right?

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