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It Must Be The Glasses

12 Responses to "It Must Be The Glasses"

  1. shiny says:

    HAHAHA good thing she don’t have a zit on her cheek! It would look like a huge cream puff through those specs….

  2. JaJaJumpin says:

    Good thing they put in that lacey number to sex her up a bit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Free laser eye surgery from God when you wear those.

  4. Good god, I smell other people’s flesh burning from here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Her mouth looks like a robot’s

  6. She could be a model in those lenses…Seriously, they’re selling pretty much these exact glasses at American Apparel for 50 bucks. Lose the dress, give her some shiny spandex, and she’s totally in.

  7. Stephen67 says:


  8. Pratik says:

    I smell a “If the weird chick with 70s sunglasses had a comic…” comic coming.

  9. Bob Goulet says:

    Robots don’t have mouths you moron!

  10. Buddy Ice says:

    If you cross your eyes a little, so the picture just starts to get blurry, it looks like she’s coming out of a blue colored Pacman with white lipstick on.

  11. Jay T. says:

    Holy shi…. taco… I want those bad boys for Halloween.

  12. Seth says:

    ….stupid shit