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It Takes 100 Gallons of Beer To Toast Harry Caray

Cub fan and raging alcoholic Harry Caray was known to enjoy himself an ice cold beer or 20 from time to time. So, to honor his crippling addiction, his restaurant toasted him last night with a record breaking 100 gallon glass of beer.

 The 4 foot tall hexagonal glass with a handle and spigot (for serving) will weigh 1,000 pounds when full.

When Harry’s widow Dutchie Caray heard about the record breaking beer, she laughed saying “100 gallons? Is that all? Harry would have considered that an after dinner drink.”

Harry estimated that he consumed over 73,000 Budweiser’s and 300,000 alcoholic beverages throughout his lifetime.

Holy shit! 73,000 Budweisers? That would mean Harry would’ve had a 12-pack a night for 16 and a half years straight. And 300,000 drinks? I’m not even going to do the math on that one. Harry, you are a true American. I salute you and your insatiable thirst for alcohol.

7 Responses to "It Takes 100 Gallons of Beer To Toast Harry Caray"

  1. AlcoLOL says:

    Wow. My liver hurts.

  2. Clit Wizard says:

    that dude is my hero

  3. Mitch Martin says:

    I wish Harry was still around so we could have a drink off between him and Wade Boggs.

  4. Jimmy long dong says:

    300,000! Thats 14 drinks a night for 60 years. That man is a champion!

  5. brutus says:

    I am trying to keep that kind of pace but with needing a few hours sleep and passing out alot I will not make it. Its fun to try.

  6. Stallworth's Speedbumps says:

    Shame he died.

  7. Stallworth's Speedbumps says:

    It is a shame he is dead.