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It’s Beer O’Clock: The Beerdolier, Beck’s and BeerMail

The next time you’re in the jungle, fighting some faceless terrorist organization, you’re should probably skip the bullet belt and opt for the Beerdolier. Or you can just wear this to your next party and give yourself a name like Rambeer. On second thought, you probably have a lesser chance of getting shot if you just wear it in the jungle.

Fall is right around the corner. And with it comes severe neck injuries from diving into leaf piles, aresenic-laced Halloween candy and barrels full of rich, dark autumn beers. My advice: Skip the first two and kick back with a Beck’s Oktoberfest. Sipping one of these is a great way to pass the time as you watch your neighbors make their way to the emergency room.

Say this to sound smart: Beck’s Oktoberfest starts crisp and finishes with sweet, rich flavors of roasted malt.

Say this to sound stupid: Do I put the poo in my mouth?

If Beer was God’s greatest invention, and mail was his second greatest invention, then AleintheMail.com is the greatest invention in the history of God’s inventions. For just $20/month you can get a 12-pack of hand selected craft micro-brews from around America. It’s like having Christmas every month of the year (and in December you get two Christmases.)

And while we’re at it, why not enjoy this Guinness commercial.

Sexy Guinness Ad – Watch more free videos

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