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It’s Worth It

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8 Responses to "It’s Worth It"

  1. blind as a bat says:


  2. stutterer says:

    F…. f..f..f……. fuuuuuh……f..f..fu.fu….fuuu..fuuuuuuu…. fuuuuu fuuuuuuhhh…. *runs out of breath* FUHH….. FUUUUUUHH… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHRR… FUH.FUUUU.FUUUUUU…FUUUUUUU..FUUUHH…. EHHHH! SSSSSSSSSSST!!!

  3. No way! says:

    FFFFFFuuuuuuu……. fffuuuuuuu… fuufuuuu..fuuuuuuckkkkk second!

  4. Jim Woods says:

    LOL, thats pretty funny dude. A little porn never hurt anyone LOL


  5. Col. H. Stinkmeaner says:

    At least I don’t gotta look at yo ugly ass anymoh, Nyuga.

  6. office jerk says:

    too late for me i’m afraid *fap fap fap*

    sent from my braille iphone

  7. pratik says:

    I’m actually interested in reading that “Hose her down” article.

  8. random dude says:

    It was a bit misleading I must tell you