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Jam & Pim

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18 Responses to "Jam & Pim"

  1. jon van winkle says:

    I bet she is wild in bed…with the lights out please

  2. sequential hermaphrodite middle observation says:

    That’s what DonkeyPoop’s detractor wants us believe but it was DonkeyPoop the one to first use an alternate ID to mock himself. I think the reason behind that unorthodox move was to pose as the detractor himself through a counter-counter camouflaging stealth operation, which later caught on like a house on fire just as the name cloning did. DonkeyPoop found out that by “leaving an empty space’ on any registered nickname, it would be override the original nickname with a brand new string without the use of any silly integers and it would be virtually impossible to tell the difference, which is why we saw DonkeyPoop’s detractor fail miserably several times by replacing o’s with zeros in the vain attempt to clone his nemesis desperation did finally made him realize the obvious but DonkeyXote had already ridden him “till raw in a merciless onslaught that to this day it still goes on.

    Don’t get me wrong people, DonkeyPoop is still a douchebag in my book but I agree with the first observer, my money’s too on that other retard.

  3. Henry XVIII says:

    Actually, if you look at it closely you could see that there are at least three different “cloned” DonkeyXotes:

    theres the idiot that mispells several words, usually missing r’s like his keyboard is broken or something,

    then theres the one above who continually references DonkeyXote’s tranny mom, sequential hermaphrodite sister, bi-sexual father, consistantly drunk and sexually abusive uncle, and mexican bible studies,

    and finally the one that mentions the photos of Nicolas Cage, Rosie O’Donell and Ben Affleck.

    It might be just one person as the original DonkeyXote continually states, or it might be several different people, I dont really care, I just find it funny.

  4. DonkeyXote's Infected Anal Wart says:

    Actually, you forgot about me. The funny one with impeccable grammar.

  5. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Pim looks hot, I wonder if she has a dick bigger than my tranny mom’s huge schlong?

  6. outside observation says:

    I can’t figure out who’s lamer, DonkeyPoop or this moron.

    Somebody help me! My money’s on this morron, DonkeyPoop comes in a close second though!


  7. Inside observation says:

    I vote DonkeyPoop. He keeps cutting & pasting his response. There are many people riding on Donkey.

  8. Sonny White says:

    Oh wow, now that is scary, I mean REALLY scary!


  9. Anonymousman says:

    First :D

    I’m the coolest of the school!

  10. pratik says:

    Good job, now get to the sidewalk or you’ll miss the short bus.

  11. Twattage Cheese says:

    don’t forget your helmet!

  12. Gio says:

    lmfao good one………

  13. office jerk says:

    My butterface test FAILED

  14. . says:

    i eat my own shit until i puke

  15. Jebus says:

    Jim doesn’t really look that different to me, but I don’t watch the show much.

  16. Turbo Tax says:

    Funny stuff. If Jam didn’t have makeup on and Pim shaved, they could have pulled it off. Pim has girl hands 100%.

  17. Wilford Brimley says:

    The Office?! People seriously still watch that piece of shit?

  18. rotundo the clam says:

    Pim reminds me of Aphex Twin’s face-imposing hooligans