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3 More James O’Keefe Capers

james o keefe

The big news is wtf this week is that conservative I-don’t-know-why-anyone-gives-a-shit-about-this-guy James O’Keefe plotted out a massive prank against CNN that was as not retarded as it was successful. The plot? Set up the seduction of a CNN journalist but secretly film the entire fiasco so as to make CNN look stupid. The problem? The plot was stupider already than CNN could ever hope to be, and that’s in a very real and mathematical way. Science couldn’t make CNN look dumber than this prank. Vengeful gods of old and genies couldn’t transfer the shine off this turd with an army of elephants and endless wishes. Plus the CNN chick was tipped off ahead of time. James O’ Keefe, we salute you – idiot.


For those who need background, O’Keefe is a conservative activist and noted habitual liar. If he’s in the news it’s because he was caught lying and/or being retarded. It seems unlikely that he does anything else. He’s responsible for the ACORN scandal that saw him heavily editing film footage to make it seem like employees there were committing crimes. He was arrested in New Orleans for using a disguise to attempt to access a senator’s phone system and also shamed Planned Parenthood by offering to make donations on the grounds he wanted to ensure there would be fewer black babies born in his community. That was facetious, of course, to expose the assholes within the Planned Parenthood organization and in no way reflects on the sort of person who would consider offering to donate money to Planned Parenthood to eliminate minorities.

O’Keefe was caught out this time, an insider tipped off CNN and CNN went ahead and published the whole lurid rundown of the caper that O’Keefe planned, complete with use of the word "caper."

So, in a nutshell, O’ Keefe is a low rent comedian, but an asshole at the same time, with a political agenda. Ouch. And with that in mind, straight from the neatly typed files of Mr. O’Keefe come 3 additional plots to make monkeys out of his political enemies, complete with his handwritten notes!

The New York Mosque Caper

mosque caper


mosque prank



The Obama Caper

obama caper


 The Santa Claus Caper

santa caper

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  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Wow… I’m speechless. Usually you guys aren’t this lame.