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Jamie Lynn

Where You’ve Seen Her: Jamie Lynn is your ideal hot, skanky, and professional babe.  Getting notoriety in 2006 as Penthouse Pet Of The Year, she’s now been making her way into the mainstream with the upcoming film Break which comes out on DVD July 14th and co-stars Michael Madsen and David Carradine.  I hope Carradine tapped that before he passed.
Pointless Quote: "I let my actions do the talking."


9 Responses to "Jamie Lynn"

  1. joycekane says:

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  2. Antonymous Fitch says:

    I got my picture taken with her XD. Fully clothed of course, but hey, I got to hold her waist.

  3. nbrln says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww very very hot babeee

  4. burt reynolds says:

    ahh… my little subway girl. love this girl. search for her and subway. one of her 1st things she did was a flashing vid at a subway. really hot. Jamie Lynn, my dick and my hand go way back.

    we went to different schools together.

  5. The Nudge says:

    Loved her pointless quote that her actions do the talking. I wonder if she does any talking during those actions rawrrrrrr.

    to check out little minxes that I’d like to see some more action from and a little less talk, check out beatbythenudge.com

    Thanks dudes, you’re always the greatest.


  6. burt reynolds says:

    she squirts too! i recommend spending some time checking her out. lots of goodness… nothing w/ her and another dude though.

  7. ed says:

    she’s on comcast on demand sitting in a hot tub with victoria zdrok and justine jolie talking about shaving(lol) ,toys,photo shoots ,guys etc…
    it’s called hot tub confessions!

    boy jamie’s mouth is so big ,you could probably fit 3 or 4 dicks in it a one time !