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Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Photos Leaked, Pervy Sam & Cat Fans Rejoice

March 4, 2014 | 9:54 am

Jennette McCurdy is one of those women we feel weird about having a crush on, considering she was still a teenager when she became famous. (See also: McKayla Maroney.) The doll-faced actress/singer is best known for starring in Nickelodeon’s iCarly for seven seasons, and now stars in an iCarly spinoff called Sam & Cat. Though Jennette has been known to post a provocative selfie here and there, nothing prepared us for the dammmmmmn guuuuuuurl sexiness of the lingerie photos that leaked last night.

For the record, McCurdy’s ex-boyfriend — Detroit Pistons rebound-monster Andre Drummonddenies that he leaked the photos in retaliation for Jennette publicly dissing him on a recent podcast. (By the way, these two people were a couple? That’s the craziest “small actress, tall athlete” pairing since Panettiere/Klitschko.)

Check out lots more sexy Jennette McCurdy photos in gallery above, and tweet us your thoughts @holytaco.

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