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MILF Monday: Jennifer Ellison

Age: 24 Where you’ve seen her: Jennifer Ellison has been Nuts, Maxim UK and a bunch of English TV shows. Since everyone TiVo’s “Soccer AM” and “Loose Women,” you probably see her all the time.  And if you don’t…yer a NOOB!
MILF Status: Jennifer gave birth to a boy earlier this year named Bobby with her husband Rob Tickle.  If this kid uses that last name, he’s going to get made fun of…if he uses his moms last name…he will also get made fun of for using his moms last name.  Oh, celebrity children, I’m so sorry.

75 Responses to "MILF Monday: Jennifer Ellison"

  1. flag says:

    Jennifer Ellison is probably the hottest girl from the UK behind Keeley Hazell and Cheryl Cole

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  9. Heel says:


  10. Mr. Balls says:

    Those are some wonderfully large and beautiful breasts.

  11. One Maloogafourloogas says:

    ……………and I’m spent.

  12. Heel says:


  13. loghtgyt says:

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    more fun
    for the fucking teen

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow she is super fucking hot!!!

    Shame she’s a scouser…

  15. wow those pictures just takes my breathe away…. shooo hot

  16. Anonymoosex says:

    I would certainly like to place my penis within her vaginal cavity, if you know what I mean. And perhaps if I am feeling dangerous, into her rectum.

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  24. Anonymous says:

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  25. bima kunti says:

    is not too open makes is not too hot

  26. Anonymous says:

    Fuck your English, and fuck your couch.

  27. maybe says:

    maybe she stole those boobs! she’s scouse after all

  28. Buddy Ice says:

    And a nice limey cunt too.

  29. bermondseyboy says:

    jennifer looks fab what a babe she is my future wife no what i mean

  30. Dhiman says:

    Jennifer i want to mary you

  31. HUIB says:

    You are drop dead gorgeous. I would hope that you have the personality to match! :) :) You are a “10″

  32. Bostonlongstroke says:

    I know a ‘scouser’ is a term used for Brits from a certain are of the country. I believe it’s an English term for hood-rats! I think it’s the northern territory folk, she’s referring to.

    I’d let this hood-rat pick my pockets, anytime!

    “I don’t know what you’re lookin’ for, sweetheart, but I’ve got a $20 in me front rocket(cockney-rhymin’-slang for pocket). Check there 1st, but go slow and be gentle!”

  33. john says:

    ‘on the rob’…thieves


  34. AWinner2 says:

    A “scouser” is the term used for someone from the city of Liverpool.

    Well known for the Beatles, Liverpool Fotball club and many slappers, who come out at the weekend, go clubbing and get screwed against the wall.

  35. cunty cuntall says:

    Well I think I’ll be settling in on the pictures of this babe for the next 5 minutes….pass the tissues Mom !!

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