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Jennifer Walcott

Age: 31

Where you’ve seen her: Jennifer Walcott was in American Pie: Band Camp and Playboy, but I’m sure you know her best for her poetry, which won her a Reader’s Digest contest in Arizona. Right?

Tantalizing tidbit: Former NFL safety Adam Archuletta made her a MILF when his sperm totally blindsided her egg in a vicious helmet-to-ovary collision.

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8 Responses to "Jennifer Walcott"

  1. cory says:
    All fixed. Thanks for letting us know…
  2. Hello to all :) I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

  3. norcal says:

    You posted the 4th pic twice and omitted the 5th one. And the 5th looks like the best one. Please fix!

    And keep up the good work!

  4. Bostonlongstroke says:



  5. Whodat says:

    Holy hell…I just made a mess in my pants, gotta go change my boxers…

  6. norcal says:

    Spanks….err I mean thanks!