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Jesse Metcalfe Gets Knocked OUT

This video was taken outside an L.A. club where Desperate Housewives star, er, actor, Jesse Metcalfe was “clubbing” as the kids like to call it. People.com reports:

A source tells PEOPLE the puncher in the video is Mams Taylor, the boyfriend of actress Taryn manning. According to another source, Metcalfe told friends that he was jumped because he had been talking to Manning that night. No immediate word from manning’s boyfriend on the scuffle.

I have to admit, I watched this video like 20 times and it made me happy every time. It’s like mint chocolate chip ice cream except it doesn’t give me the runs. Has Jesse Metcalfe never met a short buff dude before? Short buff dudes always give warning signs before they strike. It’s like how a rattlesnake shakes its tail. First, little buff dudes puff up, which he does. Then they’ll make contact with you in a disrespectful manner, which he does by gently tapping Metcalfe’s face. Then if you still don’t back down, it’s punch city, baby!

I like how Metcalfe goes down and then waits for some people to get in between them and THEN he makes his charge at them and is like, “trying” to get to the dude who punched him. Classic douchebag move. Well done, Metcalfe. Well done.

8 Responses to "Jesse Metcalfe Gets Knocked OUT"

  1. goose says:

    Mams?! I’d be pissed too. Sounds like something to call your grandma, or slang for mammaries

  2. burger says:

    i like how he holds the bouncer’s arm as well around the 38 second mark…very manly

  3. E Double says:

    You people trip me out. Had it been any of you, including the dumb blogger you’d likely still be crying to your mommy. The guy gets in a clean shot and doesn’t even keep him down. Pathetic.

  4. Idiot says:

    Erm, I don’t know what kind of fantasy world you freaks are living in, but getting knocked out means becoming unconscious. He clearly hits the floor then gets back up within a second. Stop being Internet Tough Guys coz you know if you were up agianst Jesse you would be dead meat!

  5. Agree says:

    I agree with Idi: No need to bash Jesse for the sucker punch he’s got in front of the paparazzi. Since he was up (immediately by the way) the little sucker was all hiding behind the bouncers. Very lame, dude – not so brave anymore he he…

  6. JW says:

    I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m sure he’s a douche.

  7. Swan says:

    he doesnt get knocked out.. he stands up again

  8. Luke says:

    He’s a wuss in movies and he’s a wuss in real life too.
    Someone give him make up for being a little bitch.