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Jessica Chobot

Where You’ve Seen Her: It goes without saying that Jessica Chobot probably wasn’t this hot in highschool.  Being an avid anime and manga enthusiast, and having the last name Chobot, you can be damn sure she got plenty of shit in her teenage years.  Thankfully, little nerdy girls sometimes blossom into incredible babes, and now Jessica is one of the hottest gamers out there, and is genuine about it.  She’s currently working as a journalist for IGN and has also starred in several Japanese commercials.
Pointless Quote: "OMG! They dropped the level for mounts to 30!"


5 Responses to "Jessica Chobot"

  1. pratik says:

    I’m sure the pic of her licking the PSP gave any assembly robots viewing this site a woody.

  2. WoW says:

    rofl I remember when I played wow…….I’m lucky tht I wuz able to quit…..its worse than drugs!!!

  3. edwordrules says:

    FUCK level 30 mounts!!!

  4. Yum says:


  5. Joe The Asshole says:

    mmmm… gamer boobies *drools*