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Jessica White

Where You’ve Seen Her: Jessica White is one of the hottest models on the planet. She got some notoriety last year for posing in SI’s Swim Suit Issue, and this year she got even more by getting in a vicious cat fight last weekend after celebrating her break-up with Sean Penn.  Oh, the Irony.
Pointless Quote: (on Modeling) "It has been great.  I’ve learnt so much and I’ve met so many incredible people, it’s everything I’ve hoped for."


4 Responses to "Jessica White"

  1. Smart Ass says:

    It’s funny cause she’s black.

  2. White Bred Bred Gets Boring says:

    Need more chocolate tacos. Ones with working links, not ones an extra png at the end to break the link.

  3. Michael Richards says:

    Fifty years ago we’d have her upside down with a fucking fork up her ass!

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    She looks like she gives a mean blow job!