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Jimmy Kimmel Rips Jay Leno Apart

Jay Leno won’t stop until he has taken everything from Conan O’Brien. That sick bastard took it one step further last night when he invited Jimmy Kimmel on his show for his 10 at 10 segment, and managed to make himself look like an ass better than Conan could ever do. He’s pure evil.
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5 Responses to "Jimmy Kimmel Rips Jay Leno Apart"

  1. Dr. says:

    Awesome. Leno is a fucking SCAB. I hope people boycott his show so he has to cry himself to sleep in his million dollar mansion with his loads of cash.

    Take, take, take whatever you can. The true American way.

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Jimmy Kimmel earned 15 cool points for that, and Jay Leno only proved that he is in fact the world’s largest douche. Period.

  3. NigroLip says:

    ahahaha wow. I mean I never really liked Jimmy Kimmel, he was okay in my books. But that was classic. Fuck Jay Leno, that rich Wop who cant just learn when to sit the fuck down and die.

  4. boop de doop says:

    That was incredible!

  5. MalaiD says:

    Last January 12, 2010, Conan stated that he will continue to the network if his show will not be moved from the original time slot. Conan is seriously concerned on the value of the show because The Night Show is aired for for over 50 years. O’Brien has yet to seriously comment on-air about the changes, and has so far only made jokes about the possible changes during his monologues. On January 15, All Headline News reported that NBC intended to keep Conan off the air completely for three and half years unless he agreed to NBC’s terms.