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A History of Joe Biden Photobombs

It’s well-known that Joe Biden has said he wants to be involved in every decision that Barack Obama makes, and he wants to be in the room for every single meeting, but I don’t think anyone realized how serious he was about it…until now.


32 Responses to "A History of Joe Biden Photobombs"

  1. nemesis says:

    was Joe Biden, really in all of these?

  2. A rarity-an educated reader says:

    This is hilarious…Biden is the biggest joke in the history of VP’s; the only bigger joke is the incredibly naive and weak president he serves. All you ever need to know about Obama to judge him as a leader is that he gave the Queen of England an iPod with HIS SPEECHES on it!!! What a total loser…if he were white, he’d be laughed out of the country….and the douchebags in the media kiss up to him all day every day….he couldn’t stand one day’s worth of the heat that Bush had to deal with from the morons in the media…..

  3. urlnts says:

    Lame assed Republicants have finally been taught to use computers,comedy(although everyone has been laughing at them for years),marches,rap and video … 20 years too late,like everything else that these mad,sad excuses for human beings do!

  4. asd says:

    the tricycle one is the best…..the way hes creeping around in the back cracks me up

  5. Cpt Clown says:

    Your first marriage won’t last very long, but don’t learn from your mistakes because it will all be HER fault. You’re a visionary and a scholar with a fantastic sense of humor. You’re too good for this world, sir, too good. I recommend a bullet to the brain to spare yourself from the foolish injustices of these frustrating modern times.

  6. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Cpn Clown, F-T-epic-W.

  7. za says:

    is picture # 7 him smoking a reefer?????

  8. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Yes. It’s frightening how he never ages, innit? My money’s on time travel, but I’ll open the floor to discussion regarding vampirism. It’s also possible, I suppose, that he’s not a person at all, but a series of very well-placed cardboard cutouts.

  9. cowbert says:

    first!!!!!!!!! and also this article sucks. i could do better even though i am a no talent moron with a big nose. first!!!!!!!!

  10. Cpt Clown says:

    I also agree that you’re a no-talent moron with a big nose.

  11. Spiro T Agnew says:

    Agreed! Redick!

  12. EGON says:

    Obama? are you posting about yourself again?

  13. ZeroPissdrunk says:

    fuck you philospher you are not funny!

  14. Exile says:

    I wish Plugs Biden would’ve pushed that fucking tricycle into traffic and saved the country. But No. He’s a goddamned Democrap, and they hate freedom.

  15. WHARBLGARBL says:

    Sir, i apologise. The lulz i had were at your expense and yours alone.


  16. Exile is a hick that fucked his sister says:

    Fuck you you stupid hick piece of sibling fucking shit

  17. Hungry says:

    Hopefully someone pushes exile in front of a car, that way maybe the IQ of the U.S. will go up

  18. Adolf H. says:

    Exile: Der Fuhrer says to shaven das head und getten to das rally, dummfuckenfucktardenheisen!

  19. WHARBLGARBL says:

    Trolls trolling trolls getting trolled.

  20. bucketlesshead says:

    if his suggestion had came true exile would just be bitching even harder about president hillary clinton

  21. rc says:

    There appears to be half a man, with a shirt and tie, standing in the pond in the picture in Central Park.
    He also appears to have the head of a Jackal.

  22. Anonymouss says:

    you are stupid – grow up

  23. Java-B says:

    “He’s a goddamned Democrap, and they hate freedom.” You’re absolutely right I just DESPISE the fact that I can reply to your idiotic comment on a blog…It just sucks so bad…Go back and try graduating High School again, or attend your damn classes if you’re still in it.

  24. nate says:

    you really suck at photoshopping. Stick to what you’re good at, which is probably very little.

  25. EXILE IN 2012 says:

    Man, FUCK Obama! This country was doing fine till his black ass showed up!

  26. Java-B says:

    Once again, your reply has no factual basis behind it. You’re just a fuckin patsy. Glenn Beck is on right now, don’t forget to tune in…

  27. Anony-mouse says:

    …and the sign read,

    “Don’t Feed the Trolls”

  28. EXILE IN 2012 ... not really says:

    Apparently the warranties on everybody’s sarcasm meters are expired.

  29. MLJ1728 says:

    Really niftyclits, have you SEEN Nancy Pelosi lately!!

  30. niftyclits says:

    except its impossible to parody conservative dickheads. They’re self parodies. BIG ASS TITTIES!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Good article