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John McCain: “Heidi Montag Is Talented”

If he’s willing to call Heidi Montag “talented” in order to get elected, here’s a few other quotes you’re going to be hearing from him in the future:

“The Olive Garden is delicious. It feels just like I’m eating at someone’s home in Sicily.”

“Driving a late 90s model Ford Ranger is just pure enjoyment.”

“I hope my grand kids turn out to be just like Elizabeth Hasselbeck.”

“I can not WAIT for the next installment of the Alien Vs. Predator series.”

“I’m what you call a pro-lifechoicer.”

One Response to "John McCain: “Heidi Montag Is Talented”"

  1. Iwannabelikeyou says:

    What are you saying about Olive Gardem?