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Jolie-Pitt Baby Pics Worth 10 Million?

If I had 10 million dollars, there’s a lot of things I would buy; a monkey, a house, a house for the monkey, a mint chocolate chip ice cream factory. But I definitely wouldn’t spend any of my ten million on f-ing baby pictures. Nypost.com reports:

The celebrity baby photo market just keeps getting crazier, and the newest estimate is that the Jolie-Pitts could fetch up to $10 million for the first photos of their new twins.

10 Million Dollars for baby pictures?! For that much, not only should they give you the baby itself, but the baby should already be trained to do shit like fix cars and get rid of telemarketers. You know what, screw that, for 10 million, I’ll have scientists make me a super baby from celebrity DNA. Here’s what it would look like:

5 Responses to "Jolie-Pitt Baby Pics Worth 10 Million?"

  1. JONZE says:

    Jesus Christ, that’s money unwell spent.


  2. Jacob says:

    Private buyer or exclusive magazine coverage? Cause the exclusive would make more sense

  3. KeeblerKahn says:

    If magazines are stupid enough to pay that kind of money I don’t blame celebrity’s for taking then up on in. At least in this case you can bet most of the money will be donated to charities.

    The only thing JLo did with her 6 million was buy more embalming fluid and orphan souls to keep her husband re-animated.

  4. Matty D says:

    I have heard that she will be pimping out the first pic to the highest bidder but taking the money and donating it to charity, very savy lady.

  5. carms says:

    wait … is that david hasselhoff’s head on a baby?