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Joslyn James

Where You‘ve Seen Her: Joslyn James is a porn star.  In case you didn’t know that, her featured picture should probably explain this, aside from her claiming to be yet another mistress of Tiger Woods.  You can google her and find plenty on her, there are no appropriate pictures of her though. Trust me, I looked. I looked long and hard. Very long. And very hard.


34 Responses to "Joslyn James"

  1. Fartwllaer Kerctort says:

    Gross, how stupid are those fake bags? Not worth masturbation. I vomit in disgust

  2. guynexttothegirlnextdoor says:

    I am seriously hating Tiger Woods right now and at the same time,very very very very very very very jealous of him.He had a hot wife, several hot girlfriends and now a HOT portstar.Man, can anyone this so lucky in his life.Forget the divorce and scandal, I would love to be Tiger Woods even for just a day (even for a few hours especially with Joslyn James)

  3. john says:

    I went to school with this chick!! As I recall she was a flat chested nerd. Looking at her now the only thing that I can see that hasn’t been worked on are her eyes. This woman is fake from head to toe, but hey she landed Tiger, and once the lights go out, I would hit that too!

  4. mr69xxx says:

    whats funny is that my wife and i know her personally. i would have never thought she would admi to big a chick on the side. but hey shit happes

  5. Dick Trickle says:

    Well, you guys can rip her for lips, tatoos, bowling balls, etc. etc. … all I know is a good friend of mine once told me “I never saw an ugly chick sucking my cock!” And I definitely agree. I would spend a week one night with this chick anytime … I have no problem with the tats, bowling balls, lips or anything.

  6. sdrr55 says:

    Here she is double penetrated by two guys but there is no Tiger

  7. ace says:

    you said you looked on google for nude pics i found them easy just click om images and there are hot good pics and movies of her. try looking harder next time.

  8. chester J lapmwick says:

    boob jobs dont make chicks hot. and neither do tattoos. what’s lacking here is a nice face.

  9. melvin says:

    she is the fugliest thing ive ever seen. fake slutty and full of stds

  10. Dr.Dave;) says:

    DAYUMMM can we cut off her head and just use her tits ?
    her face is discolored from her bod—but i guess that’s what happens when you got aids. im sure her vagina is a gaping black hole after being used so many times. you think thats attractive? Have FUNN

  11. Pete A. says:

    I’m not sure what the “technical” term is for her, but isn’t it something like… “Skank”?

  12. see clear says:

    its a man

  13. Johncocktosen says:

    Thanks for the video link

  14. Dude says:

    Holy Taco Stafff:

    You guys seriously need to learn how to do research…It took me 1 minute to see heer being double penetrated in a movie..another minute to finish fapping and 2 days to come back here give you the link…



  15. btc2112 says:

    Dear Dude-
    Try reading the reading the article again you knuckle head. The author clearly states that he found “no appropriate pictures”. What do you think that means? If you don’t understand that he means that all he found was dirty pics of her, then you sir are a retard. Come on man… And who spells staff with 3 f’s? All of this is made so much more funny by the fact that YOU are trying to make fun of someone else. Are you for real??? You might thing about washing your foot next time before you shove the damn thing into your mouth…

  16. btc2112 says:

    Dear Ace-
    In order to save time please see above comment to Dude. Idiot.

  17. Alanis Morissette says:

    1) Actually, none of that was funny at all.
    2) Actually, none of that made much sense at all.
    3) Learn how to spell and stop being such a god damned liar.

  18. straightness says:

    apparently playgirl was down? Are you guys really this gay, or are you just pretending? she’s a broad, i think she’s smokin’ and you would too if you watched her, she’s unreal. it could be a lot worse, so enjoy continuing justifying your chunky bulldog of a wife or your loose-assed boyfriends…

  19. Jimmy says:

    POV Casting Couch #18 – she’s in it.

  20. I would take her somewhere she has never been. McDonalds for a Big Mac.

  21. Steve says:

    WHY do these women constantly ruin their hot bodies with ugly tatoos, I just don’t get it.

  22. E in KC says:

    Boobs look like two bowling balls on an ironing board. Not at all attractive.

  23. Bigfoot says:

    She is a porn star for Christ’s sake! It’s not like her body is exactly a temple or anything… geeez!

  24. bibby says:

    Boobs look like two bowling balls on an ironing board. LOL that’s funny and also true

  25. GlfFan says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Women with tatoos are just so nasty, especially tramp stamps.

  26. Cheetah Woods says:

    I fucked her and she liked it!!

  27. ardeliuzkoisti says:

    i know for sure you ain’t fucked nobody, but yourself, but then you are a nobody.

  28. Santa Claus says:

    Why does she look so fugly in the ruler pic? Is that even the same woman?

  29. Bosco says:

    Wow, she is a dirty girl. She DP’s like a CHAMP!!

  30. fapper says:

    hmm she looks familiar, I wonder why ;)

  31. jimydy says:

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  32. AnonymousA says:

    her boobs is waaaaaaay out of proportion

  33. FTP says:

    Every porn slut has that same stupid look on her face, pursed lips. Yes we get it whore, you suck dick.

  34. BlackZepellin says: