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Just Because. That’s Why I Put This Up.


39 Responses to "Just Because. That’s Why I Put This Up."

  1. C U Next Tuesday says:

    Just because- your beautiful

  2. FranTheBanana says:

    I like when they wear those earmuffs. That way they can’t hear me coming (both ways).

  3. weaselstomper says:

    “now let’s try an exercise that will be a little bit more challenging: ‘all right, begin: 1, 2, 3…breathe in; breathe
    out; breathe in; breathe out…breathe…!”

  4. FLaT says:

    If you have any Information on who the photographer of this photo is please Send me message. You can contact me at :www.youtube.com/1985flat

    I would really like to know because the placing of it is awesome IMO…Cheers!

  5. Nom3rcy says:

    Her name is miss Roche look it up plenty more hawt pictures put there though she looks like Angelina Jolie when she was blonde.

  6. snake says:

    i would fuck the shit out of her 2 i mean look at her she is just waitin 2 be takin away and screwed hell ya

  7. wickedkul says:

    The toys are photoshopped to cover up the “real” toys. Can’t you tell how exhausted she is.

  8. Nunya Business says:

    I’m pretty sure that “hot chic” is (or was) a dude… jawline is pretty square, boobs are ginormous (like so many transgenders do) and it kinda looks like she’s got the hint of a package there…

  9. LULZZ says:

    i agree with fourteen about the three reasons

  10. Brittany says:

    I bet its a man. or was..

    1.Jaw line is pretty stong
    2.Her boobs are ungodleyfake
    3.I bet she is the one who fucked the stuffing out of the snake (about a year ago) hahahah

  11. archie says:

    On the whole, I’d still fuck her

    I mean -what the hell?

  12. norlanvequiso says:

    hi,are u ther now?

  13. r.kels24 says:

    Is this the same chick from the ‘Hello Kitty’ pic? Looks like her.

  14. Sherri Baby says:

    Read between the lines clockwise…

    It’s time to put that nice long snake in between my legs, my little teddy bear! Ooh yes, make me do flips… send me to a field of pink flower and kitty cats and put me to sleep!

  15. fourteenlines says:

    Better yet, who is stepping on the snake?

  16. Dspayre says:

    Who’s been fucking the stuffing out of the snake??

  17. Dark Pimp says:

    I would do things to her that i wouldnt even do to my own girl. Things like cuddling and snuggling.Maybe even going so far as saying ” I love you”

  18. fourteenlines says:

    Maybe. Because she would be your first.

  19. Lubemaster says:

    that’s classic!

  20. philosopher says:

    what are you talking about? she is absolutely beautiful

  21. mee nigga says:

    for once i have to agree with philosopher she is beautiful but philosopher is still a faggoty peice of shit who should go back in time and give his mom an abortion

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nope. What we’ve got here is a butterface. (whose hair apparently got caught in a lawn mower.)

    Doesn’t matter, though, I’d still fuck her bloody.

    cogwheel 1551

  23. Ryan says:

    She kinda has one of those meth head faces

  24. Anomynous says:

    You seem to be somewhat confused as to what “tits” are, leading me to conclude that you have never actually seen a pair.

  25. fourteenlines says:

    Three reasons you are wrong:

    1. She is closing her eyes. She could have a lazy eye.
    2. You know nothing of her “tits.” Though, her breasts are large, granted.
    3. You know nothing of her sexual appetite. She looks like she loves to sleep.

    P.S. If you even tried, she would dismiss you in a half of a second.

  26. philosopher says:

    Three reasons why I would marry her in a second:

    1. She has a gorgeous face.
    2. Her tits are awesome.
    3. She looks like she loves to fuck.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong about the face. But the other 2 are what matter.

    (captcha – pretends 1:15)

  28. Anonymous says:

    God … fucking … DAMN, you suck ass. I mean, really. Those comments … oh, fucking shit, you need help.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That was directed at the worthless piece of shit “fourteenlines” … although, come to think of it, “lubemaster” is pretty much a piece of shit as well.

    Fuck Holy Taco’s new layout.

  30. fourteenlines says:

    And sewing it up afterwards?

  31. Lubemaster says:

    i wouldnt mind stuffing that animal

  32. Shizzire says:

    If they sold those like iPhones, you might catch me lining up the night before.

  33. stoopid says:

    i think her tits were photoshopped

  34. fourteenlines says:

    Her actual nipples are not visible. Her ungainly breasts are real.

  35. monty says:

    Congrats youve seen the hangover just like everyone else on earth

  36. youth in asia says:

    I never understood why they called them roofies. They should call them floories because you hit the floor when you take them.

  37. TG says:

    The reason roofies were invented.

  38. Paul says:

    I now believe at love at first sight

  39. epeezy says:

    She is gorgeous. we need more girls like her.