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Just Boobs


29 Responses to "Just Boobs"

  1. BreastAnswer says:

    You have amazing breasts! You should post a picture on http://www.BreastAnswer.com!

  2. wtf? says:

    since when did the picture of the day becomes a stank ho fest.
    you have female readers too dipshits.
    and no, that doesnt mean i want to see joe bigdickabsgalore up there either, but they used to be funny pictures.
    now? nuthin but hos.

  3. Anti-philosopher says:

    seriously, …what’s wrong with hos? They need love too.

  4. Anonymouss says:

    The only female opinion anyone cares about are, the thoughts on how much time you should be cooking and cleaning the house opposed to how much time you should be presenting yourself in a sexy fashion. Even then though the man doesn’t really care.

  5. noahaction says:

    who is this joe bigdickabsgalore you speak of? pic?

  6. noahaction says:

    her wrist? wrist? are you fuking serious?

  7. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    those are needle marks !!!

  8. This girl is hot! says:

    The Matrix comment: “Don’t try to touch or bend the boobs; that’s impossible. You just have to realize the truth……there is no boobs!”

    BTW This girl is hot!

  9. Jeff says:

    I want to sleep with her…Wow.
    (before I tell her I like to take her out on dates.)

  10. The Lesbian lovin dude ^^ says:


  11. Bob Areba says:

    Good God those are amazing!

  12. Mark says:

    How can Blonde girl have so big boobs

  13. Anony says:


  14. JOHN says:


  15. El Moose says:

    her wrist looks messed up, shits freaky

  16. cassak blows men says:

    find a new god

  17. Anti-philosopher says:

    If that were Paris, those things on her chest would look more like mosquito bites.

  18. Cassak says:

    Paris Hilton with tits! There is a God…

  19. Anti-philosopher says:

    That’s not a mirror, it’s just some guy taking a picture of a picture. I got the same one in my bedroom.

  20. Philophoser says:

    Really? What is he photographing in your bedroom?

  21. philosopher says:

    sweet tits

  22. Juliano says:

    lol, can we get back to the asian and the jailbait??

  23. i smell like ass says:

    I like the tits, but… is she holding the camera on her left or right hand?

  24. Anti-philosopher says:

    It’s an optical illusion, she’s not actually holding a camera,

  25. Yea boiii says:

    Shes gorgeous and those boobs look real too, added bonus points!

  26. DeezNutz says:

    Epic Tits.

  27. Doctor X says:

    Look like phoenix marie ^^

  28. Token Black Guy says:

    She needs a good titty fuck.