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Justin and Johnny: The Dead Body Problem

Here at Holy Taco, we frequently get off topic when we’re discussing things.  Today Justin Thomas and Johnny Wickham had a lively conversation over AIM that pretty much sums up what we do 8 hours a day.


21 Responses to "Justin and Johnny: The Dead Body Problem"

  1. JohnnySucks says:

    see above^

    oh yeah, and johnny sucks.

  2. JohnnySucks says:

    you brought back the old comments, now bring back the old writers.

  3. TheDane says:

    i kinda miss Justin & Justin

  4. Deuce says:

    They had straw whores in the 1800s. I saw it in one of the most under rated movies of all time, Almost Heroes.

  5. ohioans bydolek says:

    not cory though, cory’s a piece of shit, FUCK CORY

  6. thatAnonymousguy says:

    or touching my penis(also grandfather)

  7. slakers80 says:

    Justin and Johnny conversations are my favorite thing on Holy Taco. Good Times.

  8. Pew Pew LAsers says:

    This is disturbing

  9. The internets says:

    Just curious, why is a good chunk of the commenters on this site obsessed with philosopher? as far as I can tell he makes normal comments and people nerd rage all over em?

  10. I WAS THAT DOG says:

    Delmer, the truths you speak, is there a newsletter?
    I want to subscribe.

  11. philosopher says:

    you could see the process of of
    money making fantasy
    lazy reality

  12. ment galatia says:

    welcome n00b!

  13. Greenman says:

    Spot on Delmar!

  14. 1970 delmer says:

    I could also see the process “of of”:
    –Philosopher sitting at home because he doesn’t have a job
    –Hands too covered with Cheeto dust to masturbate
    –Dog hiding and still bleeding from the anus from last time
    –Logs onto Holy Taco for the 3000th time today and types the stupidest thing anybody’s ever read

  15. Modest says:

    What about pinatas?

  16. Joe Kerr says:

    That’s my kind fun!

  17. Jimmy McFinklestein says:

    Bring back the other Justin!

  18. Week five says:

    Also, philosopher- please kill yourself in a fire.

  19. DamnCali says:

    This has made my fucking day

  20. Philosotaxidermist says:

    This is Awesome.