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Justin and Johnny: Hypothetical Situation

Here at Holy Taco, we frequently get off topic when we’re discussing things.  Today Justin Thomas and Johnny Wickham had a lively conversation over AIM that pretty much sums up what we do 8 hours a day.

9 Responses to "Justin and Johnny: Hypothetical Situation"

  1. rachel lentner says:

    yeah, but its pretty damn obvious by the ball tickler stash that that chick is a dude. good luck avoiding the scrotum that he will no doubt try to rub on your leg.

  2. donatom3 says:

    I have to completely agree on that one.

  3. mezzanine says:

    That’s a shitty trick, after all, you did say it was a chick.

  4. ares says:

    lolz.. “tiene interesante” translates to “he has interesting”.. it should be “tiene interes” which translates to: “he’s interested”

    belanger bobbling btw..

  5. Wilford Brimley says:

    I better not hear that you failed to keep your part of the bargain if copulation does not occur.

  6. A Stripper Called Miley says:

    I miss the cat… Too bad the cat is no longer with us.

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  8. mrlittlejeans23 says:

    I totally beat off to that pic while listening to Pure Moods Volume 2.


  9. Guy says:

    Is that Daniel Day Lewis?