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Justin and Johnny: Zombie Dreams

Here at Holy Taco, we frequently get off topic when we’re discussing things.  Today Justin Thomas and Johnny Wickham had a lively conversation over AIM that pretty much sums up what we do 8 hours a day.

15 Responses to "Justin and Johnny: Zombie Dreams"

  1. Hoovez says:

    I agree with the others that say Justin and Justin was better, but damn, this was funny as hell.

  2. Shizzire says:

    So you’ve come to the conclusion that retarded kids are zombies? Don’t you have any morals or ethics? It’s this type of hate mongering and riot inciting that is putting our economy in this state! Put less effort in hating your enemies, and more effort loving your friends! Plant a tree! Shave a kitten!

  3. brian says:

    this used to be my favorite feature of the site. justin + justin was hilarious. i wish nothing but the best to “johnny”, but he simply lacks anything resembling a sense of humor.

  4. CCDevil says:

    A retarded kid tried to eat my brain. I bought him a 5 dollar sub. So much easier than killing.

  5. Rina says:

    OMFG, i have exactly that dream.
    I dreamed that my mother turned into a zombie and i have to fight her, and my sister just stands there looking like an uncaring douche, and i’m like ‘help me, bitch!’ and she just holds out her arm towards me and says ‘nah, just save me.’ as if she wants me to drag her to the car so she wont have to walk.
    Also it was a disturbingly graphic dream. In one part a large shard of glass got stuck in my mothers head when i smashed something on her, and i pushed it in even further into her scalp even though i knew it would cut my hand up something horrible.
    It was pretty vivid.

  6. Jasonz says:

    What happened to the other Justin? Did he go w/ Corey?

  7. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Best I’ve read in long time. Nice work.

  8. Greenman says:

    Ok, the unfunny joke is over. Let’s get the other Justin back.

  9. Gk says:

    That was amazing to read.

  10. Diz says:

    Great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seems like Holy Taco is back in the funny business again (pun intended)

    Also, I think something should be done about the Taco Bell Chihuahua dying. You know, holy taco, taco bell…..

  11. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    What pun?

  12. Moose says:

    Were the zombies playing skeeball?


  13. philosophical person says:

    that was a good read, cool twist at the end, you all are idiots if you diagree.

    -the original Philosophical person

  14. BigBen says:


  15. I WAS THAT DOG says:

    I’ve got to say, that rivaled cat and robot.