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Kangaroos: Australian For Deer

We’ve never really noticed it before, but Kangaroos are like weird, bizarro world deer that can stand upright, box and carry their young around in a slimy pouch on their stomach. But then again, Australians are like weird bizarro world Americans that end words with "O", fight, and are as dry as a dead dingo’s donger.
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6 Responses to "Kangaroos: Australian For Deer"

  1. Dspayre says:


  2. Australia. born and raised. says:

    Australia. fuck yeh.

  3. australia is better then where you live says:

    Yeah in our country we train our animals to fight. Does your country?

  4. australia is better then where you live says:

    dead serious, no invading country will ever suspect the kangaroo

  5. Michael Vick says:

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?

  6. Dangerous wildlife says:

    There was a story a while ago of a software company that designed a helicopter simulation program for the army, customised to the Australian landscape and including among other things mobs of kangaroos that scattered if “buzzed” by the chopper. Being good software designers, the programmers just adapted the standard code for individual infantry.
    Early in the testing phase some US military VIPs came for a visit and a demo was run of the software. The “pilot” made some impressive manoeuvres and finished by flying low over a mob of kangaroos. On cue they scattered – then ran for cover and fired shoulder-launched SAMs at the chopper!